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02 Dec 2017

Day 3 of World’s Fair of Money Vacation (Denver Mint & Argo Gold Mine & Mill Tour)

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For the third day of my trip, I had changed my itinerary to include the Denver Mint instead of going on the forth day as I had planned. So I woke up around 4:00 and got dressed and headed out of Colorado Springs so that I could be first in line to get tickets for the Mint Tour. To my surprise they had closed the Mint tours that week because the security that works the tour was at the show. I was able to get a picture of the front gate though. After leaving down town Denver I headed to Idaho Springs to go on the Argo Gold Mine & Mill tour. It was a great tour and very informative but if you have bad knees I would not recommend it.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for the pictures sounds like a great trip to the mines

coin collector

Level 4

looks fun, what is the picture of the big rock looking thing?

I think the photo you are talking about is the front entrance way. They just lots of big rocks and small rocks stacked up like a fence.


Level 6

What a great time ! Thank you for all the photo's...I felt like I was there too! I love mines..out here in the desert we have lots of old mines. Some have been closed off, but you can still go in a select few. Sorry the Mint was closed. : (

It was pretty cool and I will be going back again to catch the mint since I missed it this time.


Level 6

Ii would like to think the mint had enough personnel to cover the event and the mint. But there I go again thinking! I'm going to that mine someday. Great photos. Did you run the drill??? Now that is a job for a man or big girl. No offence ladies. try it. At least all your mint photos came out outstanding!! Thanks!

I did get to run the drill.


Level 7

I'm sorry you didn't get to the mint. This to bad. But the picture are great it's go in to take me a while to check them all out. Thanks. Mike.

Glad you like them Mike.


Level 6

Great pics! Felt like I was there. Sorry you couldn't get to the Mint. Tours are fun & informative.

Thanks, I am planning to go back so that I can do all the things I missed.

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