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23 Mar 2018

New Additions to My Morgan Dollar Set

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

This year the National Money Show was held at the Irving convention center in Irving, Texas. Since the National Money Show was being held in my neck of the woods I decided to take friday off and see how much trouble I could get into. I was able to add an 1878 7/8TF Weak VAM-41A, 1884, and 1890 to my collection. See the pictures below or visit my updated set on my profile.



Level 5

Really nice coins!


Level 6

Just beautiful! Morgans are a true classic!

Very true, They are one of my favorites.


Level 5

Congratulations on the nice pick ups. Wish I could have gone to Irving but it wasn't in the cards.

It was a great show and shame that you missed it.


Level 6

I am a huge VAM lover. Those are some real special coins . a great addition to your Morgan set. Good luck and Thanks!!

Thanks Longstrider, Loved looking that one up myself at the show and having an expert confirm my identification.


Level 7

You can't get better than those there beautiful you have a great eye. Good work.

Thanks Mike.


Level 6

These coins look absolutely beautiful. Flawless from here.

Thank CoinLady.

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