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20 Jan 2018

New additions to my Morgan Dollar Set

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The ANA World’s Fair of Money in Denver was very kind this last year to my Morgan Dollar collection. I was able to add 5 new coins to the set. As most of you know my main goal was to pick up an 1893-S as it is one of the rarest coins of the set in any grade. I am very pleased  with the one I was able to obtain that was in my price range. I was also able to acquire a nice 1899 Mirco O which I have had a hard time finding in my local area in nice grades. The 1901-O, 1904 & 1921-S I was able to get in mint state grade that fit my budget. I hope everyone enjoys the photos and coins. Also I would like to mention that for Christmas I received a new DSLR camera so I hope that I will be able to share even better looking photos in the future.



Level 5

Those are some great coins!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

those are some stunning pieces. thanks for sharing

You are welcome Conan.


Level 6

That's a 1904-P you have? Underrated coin. You have some really good dollars.

It is a 1904-P dollar. Thanks


Level 6

That is definitely a set to be proud of. Combined with what you showed us before, you are really going! I was already jelous of your photos, now I don't know what..hehehe Thanks!!

Now I just need to read that book on Numismatic Photographe.


Level 6

Great looking coins, sounds like you enjoyed yourself in Denver.

I did very much so.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, coins and pictures!

Happy to do it and glad everyone is like it.


Level 5

Morgan's aren't my thing but I can appreciate your passion. I do like that 93-s. I got a nice camera the year before for Christmas and it is one of the most useful gifts I have ever received.

They are definitely very useful and need when documenting your collection.


Level 6

Beautiful coins! And what a great Christmas present too!!! Thanks for sharing. : )

It was a very great Christmas gift for sure.


Level 7

Congratulations I know you will complete it one way or another. You should be proud of that set. There great coins keep it up and thanks for the blog. Mike

Thanks Mike.

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