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15 Jul 2017

Restaurants on My Bucket List for the World's Fair of Money

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

I will start this list out by saying that I am a man of simple taste when it comes to my meals so you won't be seeing a lot of 5 star chef inspired restaurants here. I am more of a simple meat and potatos kind of guy.
First on my list is the Cherry Cricket which has been featured on the Travel Channels Man vs Food. It is a burger joint that was started 1945 in the original owner's living room and has grown to be a denver landmark. It has an amazing 21 topping options for your burger. There most popular combustion is the jalapeño cream cheese burger. 
Second on my list is Beaujos Colorado Style Pizza which has been featured on the Travel Channels Pizza Paradises. They started in 1973 in the small town of Idaho Springs just outside of Denver but have grown to many more locations in and around Denver. They have a unique take on pizza and it is called the Mountain Pie Pizza, defently something for the pizza lover to check out.
Third on my list is Wing Slingers and as far as I known they have not made any nation wide tv show but they do seem to be popular with the Denver community as they have three locations. Let's be honest anyone that knows me will tell you if there is a place to get wings anywhere around that is where I will be.  The main draw to try this one for me is the great sauce choices that I see on there menu.
Forth on my list is My Brother's Bar which looks and sounds like a good old fashioned local bar to just set back and relax with friends over a good meal. I am definitely going to have to try there version of the jalapeño cream cheese burger.
I hope to make all these great establishments during my stay in Denver and will post reviews of each one I try. If you know of other Restaurants that you would like to recommend just post them in the comments.  Looking forward seeing your comments, having some great Denver food, and getting to the World's Fair of Money.



Level 6

All those places to eat sound good! My Brothers Bar sounds fun! Did you make it there on your road trip?

I did not make it there but I am making plans to go back maybe next year.


Level 5

Any meal that tastes good to the person eating it is a good meal. Chicago deep dish from Edwardos.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i am not that much of a food guy i will probably go to the grocery store or something

That is good, never spend money on things that aren't important to you. I am not much of a cook so eating out is my best option for getting anything to eat.


Level 5

Mixing the coins show with other interests on a trip like this is always a good idea. It gives you the opportunity to mentally change gears.

You are so right. hopefully I will find some great food along with some great coins.


Level 7

I'm with you as far as food goes. There are plenty of five star restaurants in N.Y. However I have to disagree with you on the pizza. N.Y. has the best pizza anywhere. There are more pizza restaurants than anything else. They say it's the dough that's made with our water which is also in the top five in the U.S. Most places are brick oven and thin crisp crust. We don't buy Dominos or any other chain pizza. It's meat and potatoes and pizza. The only way to go. Enjoy Denver. Wish I was there. Mike.

Never been to New York, I will have to go some time and try the Pizza. Thanks


Level 6

I'm a foodie...but I can't remember where I ate last time I was in Denver. Enjoy your meals!

Thanks, I will.

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