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20 Jan 2018

Sample Slab Collection

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Come one come all to see my new collection that I have posted. I have just added a new collection called Sample Slabs to my account come and take a look. The sample slabs posted today came from PCGS at the Denver World’s Fair of Money to celebrate the rerelease of the RareCoin Market Report publication. They where handing out 1 a day of each name during the show for free and I have a complete set.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i will make sure i stop by and see it. thanks for sharing

You are welcome. Conan.


Level 6

A new way to collect! Someday that will make a great exhibit.

Thanks, It probably will be.

coin collector

Level 4

looks very nice congratulations !

Thanks coin collector.


Level 6

Pretty cool. I've seen some of those before. Nice photos. Thanks!

Glad you like them Longstrider.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing these!

You are welcome Kepi.


Level 7

I never new they would b collectable. I mean there a slab. I learned something new and that's why I'm here thanks for the information. Mike

Your welcome Mike.


Level 6

Sample slabs and be interesting to collect. I belong to a couple clubs that had sample slabs made. Great way to mark an special event.

They are and always seem to be very a low number of them made per event.

I've often wondered how much a plastic slab costs NGC or PCGS even after printing up the label. Probably a couple of cents since they buy (or manufacture them ) them in bulk.

They probably are very cheap since NGC just graded 40 million coins.

Nice! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

You are welcome The Coin Student.

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