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07 Jul 2018

Texas Numismatic Association Additions to My Morgan Collection

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I was able to add these two nice examples of Morgan dollars to my collection recently at the Texas Numismatic Associations coin show in Arlington, Texas. I usually don’t look specificly for Proof like coins just because it is challenging enough to find nice coins for the regular grade let alone proof like but this one just fell in my lap. I couldn’t pass it up for the price and I think it adds nicely to the set.



Level 5

nice coins!

I do like how the photos are turning out but you are right they don’t do the coin justice. There is something about holding them in your hand and tilting them in the light that a photo just can't achieve.


Level 4

Nice find! I wanted to go to that show but wasn't able to, looks like I missed out. :) Keep collecting! How close are you to a complete set?

75 coins away now from a complete set.


Level 5

Wow, a + with a green bean. That's nice.

Thanks World Coin Nut.


Level 6

Beautiful Morgans and congratulations on the great finds! Thanks for sharing them with us.

You are welcome Kepi.


Level 6

Beautiful pair of coins. Very nicely done.... Thanks

Thanks Longstrider.


Level 6

Beautiful! The pics are good but I bet it doesn't do them justice.


Level 7

You must have some set by now. I bet they look beautiful all lined up. I always liked the proof like. The outer that come off the silver. Great pick up kelp hem coming. You must be getting close. Thanks. Mike.

I am currently 46 coins in to a 121 set and about 38% complete. It is going well and they do look great lined up.

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