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02 Dec 2017

The Queen’s Beasts Collection

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I just added a new collection for everyone to check out on my profile. The Queen’s Beasts series is already 4 coins in to a 10 coin set.  I have added the first three to my collection and I am waiting on the fourth.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i really like the dragon coin. all great designs

coin collector

Level 4

looks neat, I like the dragon one the most.

The dragon is pretty cool for sure.


Level 6

Beautiful collection! And photo's!!! I like this set also and have the Wales Dragon. Have fun with this collection!

I will.


Level 6

Beautiful!!! Your photos make me jealous. I too have discovered that series. I currently have the Wales Red Dragon. Looking forward to more. Nice, complimentary label also.. Thanks!

I really Like the lion label too. I am just waiting on the 2018s to come out.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to add a beautiful coin to your collection.

It most certainly is.


Level 7

The British have a way with coinage. They were decades ahead of us and they have great designs. This set is beautiful. Enjoy it and don't miss any!

I will definitely enjoy them and not miss any in the series.

I definitely will.


Level 6

I am sure the collection will be something to see, unusual too. Keep up this beautiful set.

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