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12 Sep 2021

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Hi! I haven’t been on recently because of school and other things. This is my second blog post so I’m still learning on how to make my blogs better. I just started collecting coins about a month ago. My most valuable coin is probably the silver eagle 2016 that i got for my Birthday. I have a few dollar coins which are worth face value according to my brother which means they are worth how much it says they are. I got the proof set and the Indian head cent from the ANA for joining I think. That’s basically all the coins I have right now! I hope to add to my collection some new coins. Yesterday, I watched my brother win a few coins from the YN annual auction and he was really excited. I had no idea how to bid but watching it was fun! That’s it for now! See you guys next time!



Level 5

Welcome! It’s great to hear you got an Indian Head Cent from the ANA! Who is your brother?

AC coin$

Level 6

My Heart is for ART , Thanks for the pic I like admiring it, is beautiful . No value is in money is for the Heart it is ART. BEAUTIFUL ,BEAUTIFUL THANK FOR LETTING US SEE IT. A great blog


Level 5

You've got a great start! Who is your brother on the ANA?


Level 5

You are off to a good start. Try to attend some coin shows if you can. Dealers and coin shows usually have events and gifts for YN's. Welcome

Go to a coin store! They have tons of coins to get!


Level 6

Hope you enjoy the hobby for many years to come.


Level 6

Welcome! Lots of good people and fun around here! Enjoy your coins! ; )


Level 6

Welcome. By watching your brother bid you are set for next year. Remember there are tons of ways to earn YN Dollars besides blogs. That Silver eagle and an Indian cent are great coins not just for starting. Proofs are always nice. Learn all you can here. Contribute as you learn. Ask questions too. That is very important. WE all made newbie mistakes. No need for you to make the same ones. Have FUN!


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA. A place to learn and make friends


Level 4

Nice, my first collecting experience was just the coins I received from my parents and their friends encouraging my interest. I never knew there were clubs and not sure if they existed at all aboard a military base. My first coin shop experience was not even a brick and mortar experience it was the guy who had several tables at the Oceanside Swap meet on Sunday mornings, of course it was a working drive-in on Friday and Saturday nights. So kudos to making it to a YN auction and joining the ANA, wish I had at your age!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You are off to a great start, glad you are here!


Level 2

Thanks! I figured it out!


Level 2

Also I forgot to say, but how do i change my name?

It's Mokie

Level 6

Welcome Aboard, a great blog!!!! Change your handle by clicking the My Account button then scrolling down to Privacy Settings, you can then change your handle and change your avatar.

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