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21 Dec 2015

Sphere of Power: January TCCAC Meeting

Ancient Coins | Greco Roman

Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club

When: Thursday, January 28,2015 @ 8:00 p.m.

Topics/lecture:Sphere of Power: Celestial Globe and Symbolisms

Abstract:The Celestial Globe the representation of the transfer of power and legitimacy. An examination of coinage that display spheres to understand the symbolism and its usage.



Level 6

Sorry I am un-following you due to no activity. Good luck! And enjoy your coin club!

Greco Roman

Level 3

Thanks for the kind words on the website. I used a free service to build it. It takes a bit of time to build out but it has been worth it. This presentation was fun and very educational to do. It is almost too much material to cover for a 30-45 minute presentation. But the good part is that it sparks interest and lots of questions!

Greco Roman

Level 3

You can find my PowerPoint presentation in pdf form. Unfortunately you don't get the dialog and "meat" of the presentation. Although you will find a nice selection of rare and common coins. You can find it on our club website Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club. The download might take a bit so be patient.

Kid Morgans

Level 4

It's cool that you are in a club, and your focus is a great thing in coin history!

Greco Roman

Level 3

This is actually my presentation and promises to be another "squirrel" presentation. I say this because as you dig into the topic it opens up some many other questions like: Is this a globe of the world? (nope) You mean they thought the world was round? (possibly) If not he world what is it really? Why would that be something important to portray on a coin? etc. etc. Thank for the website complement. All websites are "work in progress". Here's a question for all those with a detailed eye- Do you see anything on the reverse image that might be out of place or not actually part of the design?


Level 5

Sounds like a great topic. Very nice club website!

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