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26 Oct 2022


Coins | Haney

Despite being rather homely in comparison to my other performers this FREAK is truly the star of my band of misfits. So to borrow a quote from many a ring master I did save the best for last. So you may want to ask what gives as this appears to be a merely a weakly struck Roosevelt dime. I mean you can barely read the all-important date, which is probably why it appears in parentheses on the label. In addition to the date and motto IN GOD WE TRUST being blurred on obverse most of the United States of America on reverse is radiating off of the planchet reminiscent of Roman Denarii. I find it is the reverse with the rim below the word DIME that is totally absent above the word STATES, actually half of the characters making up that word are absent too that give the best clue being the planchet not the correct size. That is the first clue as to how truly unique my FIEND is, which I will endeavor to explain below. The second which would be better appreciate in one of the newer NGC holders is that there is no copper core to be seen along the edge of this FREAK. It is not a case of it being missing as this planchet was never intended for a US denomination. This planchet was meant for Philippine one sentimo that was being produced during the same time period by the Philadelphia mint. So not only is it a dime struck on the wrong planchet, a rarity in its own right, but it is struck in aluminum which has never been used for US coinage with the exception of pattern or trial pieces. Jumping the tracks a bit one of the most spectacular of these patterns I have personally seen is the 1868 aluminum pieces owned by one of the former members in my former coin club. There is more recent and equally infamous 1974 aluminum cent struck in 1973 with samples given to congress that were not all returned, which I have not seen in person.

18 Oct 2022


| Haney

This time I have something that would have once been labelled in the error community as sintered, no not sinister despite it being a highly appropriate movie for the season, planchet it is now classified as annealed. Yes it does look like another FIEND I presented earlier this season but the reverse does not get its copper tone, not the tanning oil, due to missing a layer of cladding but due to a chemical process. This little guy gets his copper sheen in the annealing process where all the little planchets go to get cooked, you know Daunte's inferno, as part of the preparation process prior to striking. Now you probably want to know how, well originally when I had it explained to me the process was known as sintered, it was copper dust held somehow is suspension then adhered to the copper nickel planchet, which can even happen to a nickel which is strangely named being mostly copper. To explained how this occurred on a nickel planchet it was thought that either it proceeded a batch of cent planchets or were stuck with them. The new theory and term Improperly Annealed Planchet states that the planchet possibly stayed longer than it should have in the furnace allowing the copper atoms migrate to the surface, this theory seems to make it appearance on a nickel planchet a lot easier don't you think? It would seem this could move from theory to fact using weight, but in both cases we are probably talking the difference that would be undetectable by any scale the average numismatist would have access to. It would be along the lines of weighing the amount of material lost on a coins surface due to toning, think I am crazy read Coin Chemistry as the author describes how to calculate that very thing.

11 Oct 2022


Coins | Haney

Today I present a FREAK that fooled me, not that I am expert in the field of Freaks Irregulars, Defects, and Oddities, still I thought I knew a thing or two. Failure is said to be a great teacher so why not pass along my new found knowledge to you. I still am confident of his inclusion into my series as he is a FREAK, just not exactly the one I was looking for. The particular oddity I thought I had so cleverly acquired via worldwide swap meet looked for all intentional purposes to be a die adjustment strike at least so I thought. So what are the telltale signs of a die adjustment strike, generally it is weak in appearance on both sides, oops my bad coins have three sides but more on that later, as the dies stop just short of bringing up a full strike. So with this error there is nothing wrong with either the dies nor with the planchet, this is just a case of the spacing between the two dies being too wide to exert enough force to cause the metal of the planchet to flow into all the recesses elements of the dies to impart the obverse and reverse images as intended. BTW, text speak, this is not to be confused with a die alignment strike, which is a case where the spacing may be correct but hammer die is out of alignment with the anvil die resulting in one side of the coin being off center while the flip side is spot on. Sorry that is not a leader for the next show as I do not have an example of that type either, so where were we? So not to long after I received my RAW fiend in the mail I decided he could stand a trip to Florida to get hammered, I mean SLABBED.

03 Oct 2022


Coins | Haney

I decided today to let my Washington team take a break to allow you the chance to gaze upon a FIEND that will have you seeing double. Yes this does not just have one 1968, but two and likewise it has double D’s indicating its branch mint origin. This little fellow somehow after receiving the first strike shifted to the right in addition to turning a little more than ninety degrees all while another planchet slipped into the coining chamber below it. Then, WHAM! The dies came down leaving a clear impression for the year of issue and the mint it was issued from along with some whiskers and clothing in place of the base of the bust as the designer had intended. Now due to a planchet being in the chamber below the obverse parts of the motto E PLURBUS UNUM and all of STATES are distorted on my FIEND. It reminiscent of the images I could create with silly putty, the latest Sunday Funnies, and a little free time. All of that said I would like to think somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, is a dateless Lincoln cent with a partial brockage STATES. Granted having no date this oddity, as I imagine it, would never show up in my searches. Though who knows this imagined piece may have also shifted to the right turning a little more than ninety degrees to be hammered once again this time being date stamped to be something truly exceptional. This being said it would have not been a double date despite being double struck. Of course that takes more supposition than I can infer from the evidence my little doubled dated Lincoln can offer us.

29 Sep 2022


Coins | Haney

Well as I have been on a roll with my little band of Washington misfits, let us continue with two new performers one from the city of brotherly love and the other from the mile high city, strange I had to look the latter up despite having traveling thru there several times. These two chaps are a little on the skinny side weighing in at 4.6 and 4.7 grams respectively due to the fact they are short some covering. At some point in the process they both showed up to the coin press missing a layer of nickel that typically hides a wonderful layer of copper. Furthermore not only did they show up half dressed, but they both landed heads up prior to receiving their die impressions. So this way both the date and the error are together for your appreciation and more importantly mine. Not to say I do not have examples of particular irregularity in other denominations that is best appreciated by the reverse but those are just place holders, hopefully Franklin did not hear that, until I can find the numbers 1, 9, 6, and 8 on the copper side. Both of my fiends are graded uncirculated though visually the Philadelphia example has a lot of fire left whereas the Denver example has reached a warm red brown, if you’re a train nut it approximates mineral brown. Surprisingly both struck up rather well despite the reduction in volume of metal to work with, though the eagle is much sharper on the piece from the mother mint.

19 Sep 2022


| Haney

Today I invite you to gaze upon a curiosity I mentioned while describing my last FREAK. Up until the truncated bust of Washington arrived this member of my cast held the coveted title of being my one and only example of an off center 1968 quarter. Still I think this ODDITY was more a product of a planchet defect than simply a blank not arriving in the coining chamber as its creator had intended. It would seem to me if you could wind the clock back before the die came crashing down on the DEFECTIVE planchet I suspect it would have never been able to fall into the coining chamber. It just seems that the planchet when cut from the edge of strip of coining metal it had enough excess to exceed the diameter of the slot it was intended. Then again I could be all wrong and its IRREGULATIY is just due to how a straight clip allowed the metal to flow without being confined by the coining collar as designed. A possible strong point in support of this latter argument is the fact the piece only weighs 4.7 grams in lieu of the 5.67 grams noted in the redbook for a standard, yes I almost wrote normal but now normal has a negative connotation go figure, copper nickel issue of this year. So doing a quick check on the math based upon the 20% clip noted on its plastic captor the weight should be 4.536 grams, which is not that far off from its actual weight. So I may be wrong about how my little FIEND was created or maybe I am right. Maybe someday someone can run a computer simulation or better yet create a time machine so I may one day know for sure how my possession came to be. That said it is the mystery that makes this oddly shaped menagerie of pieces so delightfully interesting.

06 Sep 2022


Coins | Haney

I find myself today pondering another season of FREAK SHOW 1968 and frankly I am not quite finding myself in the spirit. Not to say it has not been a good year for finding new members to join my crew of FREAKS. Though many were the rarest of oddities found in the guise of Proof, and attributed more often than not to the house of Weinberg. I did throw my hand up on a few of these though sadly they were destine to reside with larger groups that my little menagerie. Lamenting those that got away is easy as I have no proof oddities at the moment so no need to pursue more. If you do not understand my last statement I will just refer you to an excellent book on this, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Yes it is a children’s book, but I believe it taps into the inner MONSTER in most of us bitten by the collecting bug. I have to say biggest reason for my lack of enthusiasm is it has just been plain hot this summer in Texas. Yes I know I live in Texas so stop your whining kid for, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

29 Oct 2021


Coins | Haney

Well the last week of October is finally here and so it the final FREAK for this year.

19 Oct 2021


Coins | Haney

This year several of my new acts feature the bust of an architect who also holds the honor of being the Third President of our Nation.

18 Oct 2021

November Numismatist

Coins | Haney

I know not my usual October blog, but thought I would share the quarter that inspired the article I wrote that appears in the November Numismatist. I know not the beauty that Caleb found to use in the graphics, but it is the one I bought at Reliable Coins. I guess too I need to update my bio as in addition to my interest in error coins of 1968 and 681 military payment certificates I have been working on completing a set of the classic commemorative coins. Which this piece and the Lafayette dollar are outliers in the set if you exclude the gold pieces. One of my favorite things about numismatics is the rabbit holes you can find while collecting. Sometimes they are just imagined like trying to guess how far a particular piece has traveled to arrive in your collection both in time and distance. This one though was a trip through history trying to discover if what I had read was fact and be reminded of somethings that I had once forgotten. There was a second one page article I developed for the TNA too during my trip down the Isabella rabbit hole. I have included a link below to the TNA site and you will find my article on page 17 of the December 2020 issue.http://www.tna.org/archive_news.htmEnjoyp.s. I want to credit Caleb the editor for the Numismatist first for providing another resource for my article and putting it together pulling additional graphics that I did not have.


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