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04 Sep 2019

Freak Show 1968

Coins | Haney

As we begin to enter what I myself call the ‘Ber’ months my mind drifts to thoughts of the macabre. I enjoy seeing jack-o-lanterns staring back at me from the store shelves along with skeletons, witches, black cats and ghost traditional element seen during the October celebration of Halloween. Of course that does not mean I roam the streets in gothic attire the remainder of the year, I just have fond memories of trick-o-treat of years past. I remember well my plastic Casper mask and suit that came in that classic cardboard box probably purchased at the local PX or Kmart. That said my collecting has begun to move into the macabre with coin oddities now dominating my collection. Each one of these little freaks is unique, yes I know like everyone else, so stand apart from the millions of their brethren who did their part in everyday commerce. Obviously these curiosities caught the attention of others who saved them from the everyday wear and tear so that collectors such as myself could appreciate them.

So what I intent to present is a sampling of my freaks. What they all share in common being the year of their creation which is also the year of my arrival. In thinking of writing this I tried to determine if any particular piece held favor among the others so to begin this possible series. In viewing them all the disfigured image of Lincoln rose to the top of this collection of misfits. This Lincoln cent a product of the Philadelphia mint is more than just your typical cent struck on dime planchet. Not that such a piece is really typical, but it is more common than this freak. Prior to being struck with the image of Lincoln it had been born as a lowly 1968 Roosevelt dime. Had this dime never altered course it would have been bagged, then rolled and distributed along with countless millions of others just like it. Instead whether by accident or deliberately it returned to the bin to be fed into a press to strike 1968 Lincoln cents.

Down the feeder this Roosevelt dime went maybe accompanied by others of its kind or maybe along with a string of shiny new copper planchets. It arrived at the press tails side facing the incused face of Lincoln before being struck again. In what probably was all of a second the dime now had been impressed with the Lincoln cent dies to continue its journey to the bin. The image of Lincoln and his monument struck with such force as to all but obliterate the original Roosevelt design. Still the ghostly silhouette remains on the obverse along the date and liberty. On the obverse the Lincoln head takes on almost skull like features as the oak leaves and torch created a concaved feature in Lincoln’s hair. The one and part of the motto E Pluribus Unum likewise shows through the coat. All this coming together in this unique eleven cent freak.

As to the stats for this piece it is encapsulated in a NGC holder and graded MS 64. Value per NGC is not available as typically found for these reject, error, pieces. This is NGC newer finger style holder which also allows you to appreciate remaining reeded edge from the coins short life as a common dime.

Now I depart to consider which other member of my show would like to take the spotlight.



Level 6

Great conversation piece.


Level 5

I'm not an error collector but that is pretty cool.


Level 3


What a cool "Eleven Cent piece!" The torch on Lincoln's head reminds me of a pegasus. Would love to see more.


Level 6

That is truly a unique beauty. I too enjoy error coins. Check out CONECA, if you haven't yet. They are THE error people..Thanks. P.S.. My costume box had Paladin inside. Remember that Western??


Level 4

Amazing coin, I love Lincoln cent errors and varieties!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I love your Freaky Dime/Cent, Dent Maybe? Cannot wait to see the others. Halloween is my Favorite Holiday by far, I think I need to find a Pumpkin themed coin, probably available from the RCM, as they have everything.


Level 4

They may be tiny but you will find Jack-O-Lanterns on the 2017 Niue $2 Nightmare Before Christmas coin. Note it comes is a coffin box case that will glow in the dark, pretty cool.

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