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24 Sep 2019

Freak Show 1968 - IV

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I am happy to say fall is officially here, well at least in spirit.

I welcome you all back for another peak beneath the curtain. This week I have a member of the cast who is hardly grotesque and actually appears to be smiling more so than the millions of others who are not as unique who would like to greet you. This specimen like others I have previously shown falls into the 'S' category. No this is not its mint mark it is based upon the PDS system of classification of errors or freaks if you prefer the term which of course I do. P is for planchet and D is for die, though of course not dead, and S is for strike. So you may wonder why would not all the ones I have previously shown you along with this latest freak be 'P' due to not being the correct planchet. It is because the fault does not lie with the planchet which as it appears for all intentional purposes to be correct for a quarter. It is a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, have we not all been there once or twice, so it was the strike that elevated Kenney half from the mundane to the strange. So it was the moment the Kennedy dies imparted what they could upon the quarter planchet that made it a worthy addition to my crew of misfits. The planchet itself could have just as easily been struck by dies bearing the image of Washington to wind up in a vending machine somewhere doing the work for which it was intended.

As for stats this is a 1968-D struck on clad quarter graded MS63 by PCGS. It is nicely struck with almost the complete date and bust of Kennedy. Likewise the reverse is center well enough to capture the entire eagle.

Well it is time to part until next week which should be the first week in October.



Level 5

Awesome error coin!


Level 6

That is another beauty. You have a fantastic freak show. Till next time. Thanks

Wonder what a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame half dollar with an error would bring. Think about it: it would be baseball error....get it? :)


Level 4

That would be a foul ball. Still you bring up an interesting point if it would be possible. I suspect the dies and planchets along with the feeders are very unique to this new concave coin type. Of course anything is possible like a nail with a dime struck on it, idle time at the mint you know.


Level 7

What a mess. Wow. Unfortunately there are so many of these quarters on some planchets. It's never ends. Welcome fall. Thanks for the show


Level 4

I love your freak show blogs! Keep making them!


Level 6

Nice blog. Interesting half dollar.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A very attractive error, if one can say that about an error. Thank you for sharing this.

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