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01 Sep 2021


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Well with the first day of what I call the ‘Ber’ months coming to a close…………..

It hardly feels like start of fall is weeks away. Granted I do live in the heart of Texas and I will probably see many more warm days, but you know there was a slight breeze this morning scattering a few leafs on the ground. Between that and catching up on the first two episodes of AHS that gets me to thinking it is getting time to escape to FREAK SHOW 1968 were the odd and unusual are celebrated. Some of my cast that I have added since I last closed this series in 2019 are practically grotesque while others actually are beautiful in their deformities. When raising the curtain on this first installment of 2021 after a Covid hiatus it was really hard to choose that first representative from my troop of but I think I have it.

As a freak though this one really shines with its Sixth sCent as it is not quite a nickel nor is it a cent as it is best and worst of both. Yes it is a dual denomination, being the equivalent of six cents. As born it was nothing more than an ordinary 1968-S cent that probably would have circulated with millions of its brethren would for many years in the monotony of commerce. Instead somehow it arrived in a bin of shiny new nickel planchets to be reborn as something grotesquely unique. As it managed to arrive via the feeder finger into the coining chamber it also happened to land heads up to receive an impression of Jefferson with enough pressure to practically though not completely erase its original identity. Still you can make out Jefferson has 1968 on the brain, and the profile of Lincoln becomes a crack upon Jefferson’s cheekbone. The reverse transformation is equally the destructive with the Lincoln memorial appearing as a ghostly shadow of an image behind the bold Monticello. Still not the strike was not hard enough to bring up all those steps are for the matter all of the windows running along the front façade. There is also only the barely visible ‘O’ for one cent as a reminder of its original denomination. This curiosity must have caught someone’s eye early on as it still quite red, possibly the original evil genius that threw it into the bin in the first place. So probably has spent most of its life in the care of those like I who could appreciate its unique beauty.

As for stats this member of my cast was encapsulated by PCGS and you get a good view of the third side of a coin with their newer fingered holder. It is listed as 1968-S Mint Error 5C, PCGS MS64RB, Dbl Denom on Strk 1C. Though not mentioned on the holder it is also a dual date as you can clearly see that 1968 date in the hairline. If you have read my series before you know that there is a PDS system to classify errors. No this is not mint marks but the gentleman that came up with it knew for sure it would stick. So as a refresher I thought I would run through it again. So here you go first there is P is for planchet, D is for die, not the night of living dead type either, and S is for strike, which of course if you do encounter a zombie I would recommend doing that first. With that in mind it should be obvious this error is an ‘S’ as when it was a cent there was nothing wrong, nor does the planchet seem to be suffering from any defect. I also suspect there is nothing wrong with the die with either the Jefferson nickel or the Lincoln cent though I have to admit I do not have the tools to separate the two to confirm the latter for sure nor would I want to. So this did not become an error until it was Struck into existence.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this first installment on FREAK SHOW 1968 and I look forward to sharing another next week, until then stay safe………….



Level 6

Wow! That's a great error! Thanks for sharing it with us! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

I occasionally find oddities such as these up for auction from time to time. Not that one though, nice!


Level 6

A six cent coin! Awesome. I am so happy to have your Freak Shows return. Thanks great job.


Level 7

Now that is an error. I can see so many things. Your very lucky. I enjoyed your story. But that nickel tells so many stories.. Nice pick uo. . Congradulations on getting it. I se e the picture is from Heritage Auctions. You had the right bid. Everything went your way. Good for you. And thanks for sharing it.


Level 4

Yes with the lack of shows it was nice to see heritage adding all error auctions several times since the start of Covid. Granted the competition is a lot more fierce than the bourse floor of any show assuming there is an error coin or better yet dealer to be found.


Level 5

Very nice error. If I collected errors, this one would be awesome to own. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That has to the coolest error coin ever. Congratulations on making it your own!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, a very cool error. Thanks for sharing it with us Haney. We had a Fall-like day today here in southwest Pennsylvania, high in the 60's. LOVE IT.


Level 4

It will probably be a while before we have highs in the 60's sounds nice. Granted we started the first part of the year with Snovid where it looked more like central Illinois than central Texas for about a week which was quite unusual. Still it has been mild this summer and if it was not for the heat index we hardly had any triple digit days, knock on wood.

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