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07 Sep 2021

Freak Show 1968 – XI

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In selecting for appearance this week my next member of the troop that I chose is a recent addition.

I have had this particular member on my watch list for some time, but had always hesitated signing him up. See I actually had his brother for quite a few years but his appearance was a little brown whereas this one is very flashy RED. Now I know I should not judge my members by their color in spite of slab convention but his color is what truly make him attractive which I guess is an odd adjective to use for describing a member of the FREAK SHOW. Still I leave that for you to judge and maybe you might have a better superlative in line with the theme of this series.

Both of my friends are described as being struck through a late state capped die. Your first question may be what is a capped die? Well I like to think of it as bottle cap, some prefer thimble I do not, wrapped around in this case the obverse hammer die. The bottle cap is actually a planchet that has somehow become attached to the obverse die and has gone unnoticed as machinery continues to strike out new coins. With each hammering blow the planchet gets thinner and thinner to the point where it becomes imbedded into the obverse die allowing a ghostly image to be impressed on every planchet that continue to be fed through the coin press. Each coin too will be slightly different becoming an error in lieu of a variety. Now eventually this cap is discover or possibly falls off to be discovered with the remaining coins like those prior to the cap being ordinary cents. These caps too are collectable but alas I look out over my troop inside the big top and do see any representative of this type of deformity.

This type of error has a unique hallmark for as washed out as the obverse is the reverse is well struck. This was due to the additional metal on the obverse die that allow the metal to flow or better yet squeezed into every recess of the reverse die. So if happen to come up leisurely from behind there would be nothing seeming wrong and you might feel like you were about to gaze upon an equally well struck profile of Lincoln. This is where the horror begins as you are struck with the ghoulishly distorted profile Lincoln, the mottos, the date, and a blob of the Denver mint mark.

As for stats this latest member is encapsulated by ANACS appearing in one of their early slabs. I have never owned such an early ANACS piece and I have to say I really like the size of the holder. Granted I still prefer the newer NGC and PCGS holders where you can see that third side, but still it feels right in your hand. The slab label describe the coin as a MS 64 RD, 1968-D 1C, STRK THRU LATE CAP DIE.

I hope you enjoyed this new member of the group as much as I enjoyed sharing him. Until next time stay safe as I pick another cast member to shine the spotlight on ………………..



Level 5

Incredible coin! Another error on the top of my bucket list. The grade is just as impressive, and it's in a ANACS "soapbox" holder. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

WOW...I have never saw a cent like that! Great error coin for sure. Thanks for sharing the info on what happens!

the coin guy

Level 4

Great error coin!


Level 6

Great error coin! Loved your description! I actually like the old ANACS holders. Quite a few of my coins are housed in such capsules. ; )


Level 5

Nice error coin!


Level 6

Ghastly! I love this example. You did an excellent job describing the process of it's birth. I am very jealous of your Freaks. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That is spectacular and your description of the process that led to its creation was very interesting. Thanks for a great write-up.

I want an error like that...

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very interesting error. Why not an "attractive" freak? I mean Godzilla is kind of cute after all.


Level 4

Yes I do enjoy an old Godzilla movie just to watch all those wonderful hand built models be destroyed. Of course the newer versions are CGI and though very spectacular on the big screen just does not bring the same wistful smiles across my face as when I watch the early TOHO movies even if I can see the guide wires on the attacking planes.


Level 7

Excellent example.. Good explanation. Thanks for the information.


Level 5

Nice error coin. Would love to have one myself.


Level 4

Well as I mentioned I do have two, though not sure I want to part with either. Still there is hope as there are several of these 1968-D late state capped dies graded by the three major grading services.


Level 6

Great example. Great info

Long Beard

Level 5

ANACS has long gotten a bad reputation, but I myself think the grading is on par with the top two. Both of which have increased the number of details grading over the years, the same negative criticism most attribute to ANACS when discussed. Nice error!

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