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13 Sep 2021

Freak Show 1968 – XII

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Today I present another cast member enlisted from that Texas auction house that parades out large groups of Freak and Oddities recently in all exclusive error auctions.

Like my previous entry in this series this one also features a ghostly profile due to an obstruction, though unlike the other it did not this time cover the entire face of the obverse die. This piece should put any Lycian’s viewers at ease being for all appearances a crescent moon in lieu of that dreaded full moon. This is what I think makes my latest fiend so striking. This partial clad layer did not wrap itself around the hammer die but seemed to dance around each time a new coin was hammered into existence. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I have seen some pieces with just a small crescent portion of the obverse ghosted and further in various different positions on the obverse side of the coin. That said I wonder if this partial clad layer has happened to make it into some collectors hands as it should have multiple, or more like mutilated, strikes of a 1968 Kennedy on at least one side and possible a quite a few slight impression on the other. Then again who knows maybe there were multiple loose clad layers responsible for the plethora, is that not just a fun word, of these striking 1968 Denver issues.

The reverse like the ghoulish Lincoln before is well struck due to the excess metal between the receiving planchet and the obverse die at the time of striking. I also suspect the silver content, sorry my Lycian friends, helped too as it always flows better than its harder nickel counterpart. This should be obvious to those that have collected Kennedy halves, notice the bottom of the shield is almost complete and separate from the tail feathers. Additionally you can clearly see a well-defined beak holding the ribbon and likewise the individual talons holding the olive branch and the arrows. Then if the strike quality was not enough there is a slight golden hue begging to reach out from the rim and into the reverse legends. Without a doubt striking on both the obverse and reverse for of course different reasons.

Now getting to the dreary details of this piece, it was encapsulated by NGC with their nice finger holder so you can see that third side. So yes it has a reeded edge as it was struck in the collar, that third die that we take for granted. It is listed as follows; 1968-D 50C, MINT ERROR MS 64, OBVERSE STRUCK THRU, PARTIAL CLAD LAYER, quite a mouth full. It almost sounds like one of those pedigree dogs at Madison Square Gardens, sorry that pedigree thing will probably always keep my Lycian friends out of the ring, but still how many best in shows have feature length movies about them. Sorry, back to the coin you can find these pieces graded by all three of the major firms and I even have seen one housed in an ICG holder. So an opportunity to own similar piece abounds for instance I just recently saw one on EBay in an NGC holder too that sold for slightly less than two ‘C’ notes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this latest entry of FREAK SHOW 1968.

Until next time stay well my friends and thirsty my fiends……………………



Level 3

Very interesting. I just started back on my Kennedy set, had never seen this error before.


Level 6

Way to go. That is an amazing piece. I enjoy reading your ponderings. Truly a great piece to own. Thanks.


Level 5

Really nice find, I've never seen one like it!

Long Beard

Level 5

The half dollar is a good size coin. How any escaped undetected is somewhat baffling. With that in mind, I would think the other you've wondered on has been detected and reclaimed without leaving the mint.


Level 6

Great error coin! I really enjoyed your blog! ; )


Level 6

Enjoy your interesting items

Nice error! I want that!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Cool Kennedy, I am amazed. Thanks for sharing it!!!


Level 7

I will take it!! Great coin!!

AC coin$

Level 6

That is beautiful, nice .. I want one!!!!


Level 5

Awesome error coin. Thanks for an interesting blog.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Or was this coin purposely struck that way because Kennedy was separated from this ethereal plane by his untimely demise??? Mwuh ha ha ha ha haaaa!


Level 4

That is getting in the spirit, but actually I have another Kennedy that more so brings that unfortunate event to mind.

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