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13 Oct 2021


| Haney

Today as I looked among my ghoulish group to shine the spot light on a singular performer from my cast of misfits I kept landing upon two individuals and for similar yet different reasons.

So today I present two FREAKS one which at first glance you would guess has served as a useful member of society while the other looks as if it took a beating in commerce but as they say appearances can be deceiving. They both greet you in the guise of an average worn Lincoln cent of no particular importance. I would surmise they would probably not even catch your attention had they been given to you in change today. The one looks like a rather worn 1968 cent that is slightly off color whereas the other looks like it took a beating so you would be happy to get them both out of your pocket during your next transaction or toss them in a jar with other similar unwanted cents. It would be a really sad day for you though as the dirty one would have easily caught your eye as the planchet used in its creation was intended for a Roosevelt dime. As for the other its only abuse occurred at the planchet creation as it is thin or better yet tapered, so when struck there was not enough material to fill in all the details of the obverse and reverse die when struck. Yes one worn and one not and both pretending to be average therefore easily slipping into society.

Of course it was easy for me to spot them as two different services had captured and noted in detail like a mug shot in plastic. The first one was incarcerated by NGC with the following notation, 1968 1C MINT ERROR AU50, STRUCK ON 10C PLANCHET, (2.3g). The last part being important as that is the weight in grams of a dime planchet. The next member of my cast was captured by ANACS with details as follows, 1968 1C MS 62 RED, 1968 1C, STRUCK ON TAPERED BLANK, WEIGHT 2.37 GRAMS, MS 62, RED. I guess the date, denomination, grade, and color were important in identifying this FREAK as ANACS took time to state it twice. As for weight I am sure you are all now wondering what should a 1968 cent really weigh, well referring to my trusty red book I will enlighten you as they should weigh a staggering 3.11 grams.

Now we go off subject, or better yet I will drag you there, the copper coated zinc cents made since 1982 only weigh 2.5 grams. Well so what right, I suggest you try holding an older pre 1982 cent and then hold a newer copper plated zinc cent. Surprisingly most people can feel the difference in weight and that being just a little over a ½ gram. I find it rather impressive, but then again maybe I am just easily impressed. Yes, I know that had nothing to do with these two imposters, but still I gave you something to do besides reading and admiring another two of my delightful FREAKS and the challenge to determine where they fall into the PDS system.

Until next week don’t eat all the Halloween treats or else you will need to buy more!



Level 6

These are very cool! I always enjoy your blogs! ; )


Level 5

Error coins are a great collectable to many.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Cool, I like them both


Level 6

Those are two great examples of the mints quality control. They are amazing. I love them. Thanks.


Level 5



Level 7

I have to check my rolls of 1968 cents. Great blog. That color is great!!


Level 6

Nice info. You have wide range of freaks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great information , cool coin.


Level 5

Very nice coins. Really interesting information. Thanks

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