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19 Oct 2021


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This year several of my new acts feature the bust of an architect who also holds the honor of being the Third President of our Nation.

Yes you have seen my grotesque six cent piece from San Francisco and the beautiful amber piece from Denver. I have others that almost seem common these days with bright copper faces but not this Fiend. This piece was struck into existence when a dime planchet was fed into machine minting shiny new 1968-S nickels. In that single blow my little Freak was born and not a bad looking lad for most of the bust is there as well as the date and mint mark. Looking like an ancient coin Thomas fills the field leaving no room for the motto In God We Trust. As for the reverse only a tiny portion of Monticello is missing with a hint of copper sandwich showing through along that edge hinting of the planchet intended use. The mottoes on the reverse too are also affected by the lack of metal to go around but again there is no doubt of the country of origin or its intended value in commerce. Thankfully it made it out of the mint to be discovered before making its rounds in society as it uncirculated and will stay that way being entrapped in PCGS protective plastic holder.

This addition came by the way of Fred and is described by PCGS as follows; 1968-S Mint Error 5C, PCGS MS65, Struck on Clad 10C planchet. The description does not sound particularly impressive but again in a sea of struck on 1C planchet he stands out. I also would like to note the designer should be happy too as his FS is clear too and if it had been added to the reverse at this early date it would have shown up there as well.

Anyway until next time stay safe................

p.s. If you happen to side with the New York City Council and find Jefferson offensive I will gladly take any nickels or for that matter two dollar bills off your hands for just the cost of postage. Of course on the plus side if you want to push to re-institute the Fraser design I am all for it.



Level 5

Great freak Haney. Always good to hear from you.


Level 5

Really cool coin.


Level 6

I love your crazy "Freaks"! Another cool coin and great blog! ; )


Level 6

Another beauty. I do see the resemblance to an ancient coin. Thanks again.


Level 5

Nice coin. Would love to come across a coin like that in change, or at a coin show for purchase.


Level 5

Beautiful error!


Level 7

I refuse to get into politics over history on this site. This site is for coins. And if everyone did there homework. They would be surprised. Nice coin.


Level 4

I do agree and sorry for muddling up my blog with current events.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Being curious eyes do the job. When we seek details we read the coin story. Good hunting and great blog.

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