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29 Oct 2021


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Well the last week of October is finally here and so it the final FREAK for this year.

Today I present another delightful Thomas, yes he did make appearances in many guises this season, and like the others this too is uniquely different. Though if you have studied anything about errors than you would know they are all unique otherwise they would be varieties. Reminds me of that quote that you are unique just like everybody else, that begs the question then are you really unique, but this is not about us it is about a nickel.

In this case there is nothing odd about the planchet as it was intended for a nickel and likewise the dies were in place to produce yet another five cent piece. Then for whatever reason the planchet overstayed its welcome as there must have been no collar in place to eject as shown by it rather broad appearance. Additionally my fiend must have become attached to one of the dies as it was struck repeatedly before eventually becoming dislodged. Who knows maybe the collar starting working again allowing it to fall away to join the other commoners in a metal bin. Then maybe it was retrieved from the die to be squirreled away to eventually make it into the numismatic community as it is a high grade specimen. Of course I, we, will never know but I am grateful just the same as like that amber beauty I showed weeks ago it has a genuine eye appeal as it gives an impression of movement on both the obverse and reverse.

I say this as the face blurred but centered with the mottoes and dates rushing away as if attempting to capture Jefferson likeness as his bust was hurled past you using a Polaroid instant camera without a flash. Likewise details of Monticello are not clear either as the mottoes radiate away from the structure with the lower left portion appearing doubled like a seeing an image in broken mirror. Granted it looks as if this planchet had endured another blow a piece would have blown off this rather spooktaculor Jefferson much like the sun releasing a string of plasma into space from its magnetic grip. Lastly I would be remised if I did not mention the golden hue of aged toning at the periphery of my fiend here that helps to emphasize the elongated letters of the mottoes on both sides.

Like so many of the others the description is not as good as the story or the pictures. This piece was encapsulated by NGC and arrived in my collection via Jon. The stats are as follows; 1968 S 5C, MINT ERROR MS 65, BROADSTRUCK, MULTISTRUCK, and that is it. That description alone is hardly appealing for such a stunning oddity. Imagine a time when we bought coins with just that much information as it really was not that long ago.

With this piece I say ado until next year when I hope to once again peek under the tent to introduce new fiends at the FREAK SHOW 1968.

Stay well and have a Happy Halloween!



Level 6

Great FREAK! What a cool coin indeed! Love this collection you have going! ; )


Level 4

Just like to say I have a freak for next year that complete a particular subset of my oddities. It is not my most expensive acquisition but I would consider it my rarest. I plan to include him in next years show.


Level 5

Yes, that nickel is certainly an oddity. Thanks for sharing a very well written post and the pictures!

AC coin$

Level 6

Great line of collection, the error coin and your inspiration and good blog .


Level 6

Nice looking freak. You picked a good one to end this years freak Show. I always enjoy them and look forward to next year. I want to say I was in the Las Vegas airport yesterday and thought of you. There was quite a parade of freaks going by. Thanks.


Level 4

Yes had a few at the Truck-A-Treat last night at my church, but that is what Halloween is all about.


Level 5

Like hearing the error coin stories. I saw a nickel on a cent blank recently. Want to start collecting error coins now.


Level 5

Great error coin! I like it a lot!!!


Level 7

Nice nickel. I like it. Good explanation. ! I'm going trick or treating as a normal person this year!! Thanks for the blog!


Level 4

Yes in some places walking around without a mask could be the scariest thing on Halloween these days, thankfully in Texas we see more smiles than mask. Granted there were quite a few mask last night with Penny Wise being obviously the favorite.

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