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29 Sep 2022


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Well as I have been on a roll with my little band of Washington misfits, let us continue with two new performers one from the city of brotherly love and the other from the mile high city, strange I had to look the latter up despite having traveling thru there several times. These two chaps are a little on the skinny side weighing in at 4.6 and 4.7 grams respectively due to the fact they are short some covering. At some point in the process they both showed up to the coin press missing a layer of nickel that typically hides a wonderful layer of copper. Furthermore not only did they show up half dressed, but they both landed heads up prior to receiving their die impressions. So this way both the date and the error are together for your appreciation and more importantly mine. Not to say I do not have examples of particular irregularity in other denominations that is best appreciated by the reverse but those are just place holders, hopefully Franklin did not hear that, until I can find the numbers 1, 9, 6, and 8 on the copper side. Both of my fiends are graded uncirculated though visually the Philadelphia example has a lot of fire left whereas the Denver example has reached a warm red brown, if you’re a train nut it approximates mineral brown. Surprisingly both struck up rather well despite the reduction in volume of metal to work with, though the eagle is much sharper on the piece from the mother mint.

As for the grisly details they are both encapsulated NGC in the finger holders that allow you to view the third side of a coin very well. The FREAK from Philly is described as follows 1968 25C, OBVERSE MISSING, CLAD LAYER (4.6g), MINT ERROR MS 62. The oddity from Denver is described as 1968 D 25C, MINT ERROR MS 63, OBVERSE MISSING, CLAD LAYER (4.7g). Interesting to note is the fiery Philly received a lower grade than its cousin from Denver with looks to have a little dirt at the 11 o’clock position and a weaker strike. Yes I know weaker strike does not play into grading, use to collect buffaloes once upon a time, still there is a little something, something above the “I” in LIBERTY. I do not hold it against the grader as they probably did not have an opportunity to few my FIENDs side by side as you and I get to do.

Until next time…………enjoy the safety of September one more day!



Level 6

Great FREAKS! Always enjoy your blogs! ; )


Level 6

Great blog. I like your style. Fantastic coins. Thanks..

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

You seem to have quite a special inventory. Love the specifics of each image. It seems textures and quality of each coin are tied to your finesse in numismatics. Good to see your postings. Never give up.


Level 4

Those are great! Where ever do you find these things? Also love your “flare” for writing! Thanks for an interesting blog.


Level 4

I would love to say I found them in mint sewn bags, but by time I had the finances for that most had been long since opened. Most of my finds are via the internet auctions houses and the flea market of the world wide web. I have bought some in person at major coin shows. If you have an interest please check out Sullivan Numismatics, Jon does offer coins online and at the major shows he attends in addition to having an online presence at ebay, but if you see something there check his business website as it can save you and him a little money. Also unlike the ones currently on the Heritage site for my favorite date not all are terribly expensive given how much rarer they are than any mundane business strike. I would also like to recommend James Wiles class on minting when offered at the ANA summer seminar as it gives you an appreciation for how these oddities come to be.


Level 7

Thanks for all the information. Its tops!I have seen these but never owned one. Thanks for the research and your work. Good stuff my friend.

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