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03 Jun 2020

Lightning Strikes Twice

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In Dade County Florida a cache of one million silver dollars were found all bearing the date 1804! This treasure recently recovered by the secret service was apparently part of a shipment lost in payment to France for the famous Louisiana Purchase transaction. The treasure was located using the information contained on the flyleaf of a prayer-book recently purchased in Havana. It is estimated the pieces today could bring $3,000.00 to $7,000.00 on the open market....................

Now before you go scouring the internet to find out where you can purchase these beauties to fill that gaping hole in your silver dollar collection, I have to admit it is another work of fiction by Albert Payson Terhune. Known for writing books about collies in his later years he did write quite a few mysteries in his early years. This title should have appealed to those who enjoyed his beloved collie stories as it featured a collie too. The title is Black Caesar's Clan: A Florida Mystery Story originally publish in 1922 and available for free on Books for your iPad or phone. This is actually how I read it as I do not currently have a hard copy of this book in my collection. This is not the first use of 1804 dollars in a story written by Terhune. My first encounter was in the Letters of Marque published in 1934. I guess if you got a good treasure why reinvent the wheel.

On another subject I had blogged about a few years ago I recently notice that "The Million Pound Note" staring Gregory Peck is available on Amazon Prime Video. I have included a link below for those that subscribe.


Unfortunately for those who would rather read Mark Twain's short story in lieu of watching the movie it is not free on Books.



Level 6

Sounds like a good story. The price is right. Your spoiler alert took care of my response. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

But if they actually found one million of them, the price would plummet and the owners of the current 1804 Dollars would be in tears. Not very well researched fiction I am afraid.


Level 4

SPOILER ALERT, the villain planned to sell a few and melt the rest.


Level 5

You had me at 1 million and worth 3 grand each ? I figured if 1 million of any coin was found the value wouldnt be 3 grand anymore. Might read the book !

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