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07 Jul 2020

Lucite Encasement #5

Exonumia | Haney

This next piece is both my favorite and also my most expensive due to its association with The King of Beverages which most of us know simply as Dr. Pepper.

I do not know how many times I have been asked why Waco with the expected answer to be that I am a fan of Chip and Joanna well known show. Well as an Architect that answer is no as shows like theirs and many others set up the average client for disappointment when their proposed remodel is not done in anywhere close to three days. I do not fault the Gaines though for turning a business into a successful enterprise that employees many and no doubt they did put Waco on the radar for more than its notorious past. It is for that I think they are deserving of praise. For me though Waco feels a lot like Sacramento did when I first relocated there from Orange County in the late nineties, being a quiet area to live that is experiencing growth located within ninety minutes of major metropolitan areas. Granted Sacramento was the capitol and that drive time would put you either on the coast or in the mountains, but still it was more a pass through city than a destination. Still the question persisted why, but I finally found the answer in downtown Waco itself.

Now I actually had always enjoyed Dr. Pepper, not that I had much soda in my childhood home. My mother was a Pepsi drinker and those bottles were specifically earmarked for her but every once in a while there might be a six pack of Sunkist, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper in the refrigerator. The latter two would tend to be my choice of beverage once out on my own. Little did I know that Dr. Pepper originated right here in Waco until I visited the museum located on 5th street not far from those now so famous Silos. So now I finally had a sufficient answer to that pesky question why Waco. Well heck I am a big fan of Dr. Pepper! Now with all that said we get to the real point of this story. Yes I have been accused of being long winded just ask my family.

So during my third visit to the soda shop and store on the grounds of the Dr. Pepper museum I spotted an interesting curio in the gift shop case. It was a Morgan dollar encased in Lucite commemorating the 100th anniversary of Dr. Pepper. The anniversary occurred in 1985 so this piece was already over thirty five years old. To my surprise there was a price tag on it that was marked $75.00, so when the sales person asked me if I wanted to see something in the case I said I would take one of those as I pointed to the paperweight. She said that is the only one and proceeded to wrap it up for me as I completed the purchase. After that I sat down with the family to show off my purchase and enjoy my Dr. Pepper float, which was the original reason for entering the shop on that hot and humid east Texas day.

Upon arriving home I had a better chance to look and appreciate my latest acquisition. This prismatic paper weight is very attractive with the red base adding contrast to the glittering silver dollar. The red base says DrPepper 100 Original Years 1885-1985 in white. The Morgan silver dollar used is an 1885 dated coin and not just a common Philadelphia piece but one minted in New Orleans. This being the only branch mint in the south at that time, so in close proximity to Waco, Texas. Now was that selection by chance, I may never know but for now I would like to think it was deliberate choice. The base is approximately 3 ¼" x 2 ¾" and stands roughly 3 1/8" high. So it is not quite a 45 degree angle, but with the face of the coin shown face on at this angle it really stands out. When viewed on the table while writing this I see the coin floating above the inscribed base, but also see the reflected image above the dollar edge on in a field of red, that disappears of course if I sit back. This affect being caused by the refraction created with the prism shape of the piece. I did reach out to the museum to see if they had any additional information on its creation, but have yet to receive a response. Regardless it is a treasured piece of my Lucite collection.


BTW, I have never met Chip or Joanna since I have lived here, but I have seen the former president, first lady, and family while having a meal with my own family at The Coffee Shop Café.



Level 5



Level 5

That is quite stunning to say the least! It's also my favorite soda, although my doctor frowns when I tell her that I've been drinking them again! I also think you got a deal for $75 ! Nice coin and great story behind it! Thanks for posting it!


Level 5

Yo, that is so sick! I love that a lot actually! Nice work! Cheers, NM


Level 3

This looks very buitefull.


Level 5

That's your best one yet. I too have drunk my share of Dr. Pepper. Not much of a cola fan.


Level 6

That's cool and well protected! ; ) I've watched Chip and Joanna many times. Great show! Thanks for a fun blog!


Level 6

That is very cool. I have seen Morgan Dollars combined with other items but never in Lucite. They did an excellent job on this one. Very cool. Thanks.


Level 5

Great piece of Dr. Pepper ! I also like those home improvement and fix up shows. I have watched their show many times. The Morgan dollar in Lucite is fantastic. There can't be that many made? Quite a great piece for a collector in Dr. Pepper.


Level 3

Very interesting piece that is worth well of $75. And by pictures the coin looks to be in mint state. Great blog might just have to get one of these my self. Thanks.


Level 4

I just thought I should let you know there is one of these for sale on eBay for less than I paid! Current bid is $61 with a little over three hours remaining, time being 15:54 CT on 9/22/21 where I am at.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is so unique! That alone sounds vaguely like a Dr Pepper commercial from the 60's. I love this! Lucite might be the ultimate in coin preservation. Maybe the coin graders ought to design slabs in lucite.


Level 4

When looking at it from the right angle it does remind me of one of the Redfield Coin hoard holders by Paramount. Maybe NGC could put one of their blue tapes on it, then again I don't like those when I see them on the old GSA holders.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Cool, I love that one Haney. I do love my Pepsi though and also my Cheerwine (it's a soft drink that tastes a lot like Dr. Pepper). Thanks for sharing, it is exquisite and well worth the $75.


Level 7

I have to say and I have I like the coins in lucite. What do you do it you want to sell the coin.? There very well protected. I would pick of a few of my favorites and have them done. Only because my wife would complain something else to dust. You have done a good job and I bet others will follow based on the different logos you use. Well done. Now to get my wife to let me do one. They would be great in a man cave.


Level 4

Mike, actually I have never made one or seen it done. All of the pieces I have were already encased, though I did find an article regarding how to remove a coin from Lucite, but why would you want to do that?

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