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21 Jul 2020

Lucite Encasement #6

Exonumia | Haney

Well for those that followed Freak Show 1968 this next piece should not surprise…..

This Lucite paper weight is typical of the types found in antique stores, flea markets, eBay and such. It was a Christmas gift from my wife that features one coin of each denomination available in 1968. Notice I said available because quite possibly this could be the only error 1968 Lucite coin cube. Because though the cent, dime, and half are dated 1968 the quarter and nickel are not. Somehow rather by bungling or intentionally the nickel is a 1964 Philadelphia product with the quarter being dated 1966 also minted in the city of brotherly love. These two coins are toward the back whereas the half dollar, dime, and cent are in the foreground giving at first glance the appearance a complete 1968 set. With the exception of the cent, a Philadelphia piece, the 1968 coins are all products of the Denver mint. The pieces seem to be uncirculated with the exception being the nickel that appears to show some wear. Still the nickel does not distract as it must have been polished before inclusion in the set.

The cube itself is 2 7/8” square or should I say cubed. It also at one time had four button feet though two slipped away sometime before its arrival in my collection. Which meant it teetered a bit when placed on the shelf. No worries there, as my son solved that problem by the creation of a base for the piece using his 3D printer. He even added a little bit of personalization with the Est. 1968. Though there may be two pieces within the cube that do not fit my establish date one of the two others does match the year my parents married which without them there would be no me so it fits.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this last curio I had to share. I intended to get this out last week but found myself a little busy with the work that pays the bills. Still I did get a chance to sneak in two more seminars, one by Ricardo and the other by Joe that taught me new things which enhances my collecting.

Until next time stay COVID safe.



Level 5

Really cool!!


Level 6

I really like this one! I think it's my favorite thus far! Good luck with this fun collection!


Level 6

Cool. Fantastic bending of the light in this one. Thanks. My favorite so far.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I really like them but this one especially. Very artistic arrangement of the coins. How the heck do they do that anyway??

A cool piece of exonumia! Putting one of these in your collection to show off is very cool, especially with bright, new coins like these. thanks for bringing this out!


Level 3

Beautiful piece. I always wondered how the coins remain in their place so well since the acrylic is in liquid form and poured into a container. I am sure the maker is not simply dropping in the coins while pouring and hoping for the best. (If so that would be amazing.)

It's Mokie

Level 6

Really cool, you have a wonderful collection.


Level 7

I just sent my friend a message. Bear with me. A woman we know passed away. My wife and mother in law are co executive's of the estate. Well duing the work at this woman's home my wife found a Morgan dollar 1878 in lucite.. Done by Ansiel and company. . I said to my wife I have been commenting on this collectors coins in lucite. And you walk in with one. Coin is a MS I would say 63. Bag marks. And the Lucite has a small gash in it. You never know!!


Level 4

That sounds really cool Mike. Is it an 8 or 7 tail feather piece or better yet an 8 over 7 tail feathers variety?


Level 5

Another awesome piece. So tempting to get involved finding these. Love seeing these different pieces.

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