Haney's Blog

14 Oct 2019

Freak Show 1968 - VII

Coins | Haney

Well today's freak seems to have had some bites taking out of him. No worries, despite a slightly mottled appearance, I do not see any zombie tendencies in this member. Still I do hear some rattling when I slip him back in the storage case with the rest of the troop, then again I heard rattles prior to his arrival so I suspect he is safe. As you might suspect he is a little lighter that the millions of his brethren that carry Kennedy’s likeness and presidential seal. These bites did not occur after striking, but before. See the planchet used for this piece arrived at the press deformed having been punched from a sheet that had been already punched. Just think of the sheet looking like Swiss cheese, though these holes were not formed from gas but previous punches. Then the punch that made our friend here was created between the gaps, though not quite. As you see there were at least two other punched holes, voids, trapped in this punch. Once punched the future error was assured so long as it was not discovered before arriving at the press for striking.

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