Haney's Blog

09 Sep 2019

Freak Show 1968 - II

Coins | Haney

This week I have for you a new freak, well actually two. When thinking of the collect ability of errors I remembered my first error of a sort. This error was won in a marble game while I was attending Berkley Manor Elementary School on Camp Lejeune. No this was not a coin held for the winner of the game it was a single cat’s-eye marble that was actually two machine ground together. I lost quite a few marbles before I got this prize and these many years later I still have it, granted I have my other marbles too despite those that may at times feel I have lost mine. Jokes on them they are located here on my desk in two glass jars. These coin curiosities I collect I believe like my freakish marble are put aside because of their deformity. I am sure there is a coin out there that would fit nicely with my cast of freaks squirrelled away in the back of someone’s dresser awaiting rediscovery much like my misshapen marble.

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