Haney's Blog

16 Jun 2020

Lucite Encasement #2

Exonumia | Haney

This week I have another numismatic item trapped in Lucite that I also picked up at the local coin club auction. This too is one dollar, but unlike the former piece it is a one dollar coin. More specifically a product of the Philadelphia mint from 1921 designed by George T. Morgan who included his initial ‘M’ on both the obverse and reverse of the coin. In addition to the coin there is also two minute timer and the name of the company that I assumed commissioned the piece, Buhler Mortgage Company Inc. The piece, three and three quarter inches square by seven eighths of an inch high, came in its original plastic sleeve and light blue cardboard box. Neither included an information on the maker of this paper weight or the reason for its creation. The same night of the auction there was another offered with a 1922 Peace dollar, so it would appear that there was no special significance given to the type of dollar to be used. Like the one I secured it came in a similar box and also included the two minute timer encapsulated with the dollar coin, well I assume two minutes as I do no own that one so have not timed it.

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