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03 Nov 2020

Wedding Pence

Coins | Haney

Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue,

And aSixpencein her shoe.

Something I am sure we have all heard and something I remembered as my son's wedding day was approaching. My future daughter-in-law asked my wife if I might have a sixpence for her shoe for her wedding day. Well of course I did and would be happy to give it to her so that it could be used for the purposed it was originally given to me. See this sixpence was given to me and my future bride to be used on our wedding day over thirty years ago. The owner of The Coin Store in San Clemente gave it to us to use. I had purchase quite a few coins there and twice as many books along with the occasional piece of jewelry so I, I mean we, were regular customers. When the owner heard we were getting married she gave us the sixpence for her shoe. Sadly though when the time came the coin was still at our apartment and a new cent made the trip down the aisle. That was in 1990.

So now in 2020 the sixpence would finally serve in its intended role. This time the future bride taped it inside of her shoe after I gave it to her so like her it made it down the aisle on Halloween, the day of their wedding. I hope it brings them luck in the years to come and I am glad after thirty years it served its intended purpose. That said with fingers crossed I just hope that I do not see a newsfeed of "SUPER SPREADER EVENT LINKED TO WEDDING AT CLIFTON", can you say knock on wood. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and a sixpence in her shoe silly superstitions sure but in 2020 it can not hurt.

P.S. Sorry I did not add to my Freak Show series this year, not that I stopped collecting the odd looking curiosities of my birth year. I am not sure if it was the fact of wearing mask more than half of the year, having my thoughts elsewhere due to the wedding during all of this, or maybe working on articles for the TNA and Numismatist that left me feeling somewhat less than inspired but I do hope to return the series next year.

Unit next time, Stay well all y'all!



Level 5

Sounds like a neat way to celebrate and insure luck to the bride and groom.


Level 5

Good luck to the newlyweds! We use to have to carry a half pence piece around in our wallet when I lived in England, cause if you didn't have it, you bought the next round! Enjoyed the blog, thanks. Later!


Level 6

Enjoyed your blog very much! Loved the tradition of the Six Pence.


Level 6

Two days in a row with blogs that make me feel good. Unheard of. This is a wonderful blog. Thanks for the great story. Good luck kids. What is the "TNA"?


Level 4

Thanks and glad to provide a bright spot. The TNA is the Texas Numismatic Association, they put out a bimonthly magazine. The TNA also has an annual show and this last year would have been the 60th, which sadly was canceled like most things this year. Still to end on a happy note the local club did start meeting again last month thanks to a member offering us access to his warehouse so we could meet but still keep socially distant. It was nice to see the members again even with a mask on!

It's Mokie

Level 6

A great story to share. I hope their marriage is long and fruitful.


Level 6

What a nice blog. Thanks


Level 5

Beautiful story. That six pence has had quite the journey ! Congratulations !

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it!


Level 5

A beautiful coin! Interesting history, and I have never heard it used in that context. Thanks! Cheers, NM


Level 7

I'm sure it being them years of happiness. I sent my wife on a tour of Europe. She almost went broke throwing coins in fountains! I would love to take them out on a regular schedule. Do they bring luck. They bring knowledge! And I'm sure they do. I can't image those coins from all over the world in those fountains. As long as she didn't throw bills!! Congratulations on the wedding!! They will.enjoy a good.life with not one disagrement!!

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