Ian Fenn's Blog

09 Jun 2015

On auctions, and making a discovery in my own collection.

| Ian Fenn

I may have appeared to be remiss in not posting a blog for a while, especially after the flurry of posts in May. I haven't lost interest in posting blogs and certainly having some Irish ancestry possibly explains why I can find something to talk about when there is absolutely nothing to talk about. The problem with the lack of posts from me has been our lap top. We run Chrome on our PC and the laptop has Firefox. I simply can't post blogs from the PC, Jake suspects its some plug-in causing the problem. He advised me how to find it but it was just too complicated and I had the lap top...until last week when it had to go in for repairs! So I have had to remain "silent" not an easy task for me!!! So if this post seems overly long and more rambling than usual... you at least know I am making up for lost time.

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