Ian Fenn's Blog

28 Apr 2015

The Difference between a Numismatist and a Coin collector.

Coins | Ian Fenn

I am writing this blog while waiting for the forecast rain storm to come and more importantly the post. I have already been to the gym and finished mowing the lawns. My real aim in waiting for the post is to receive a parcel from California not a coin, a rare lens. That lens, printing Nikkor 105mm F 2.8, will be the subject of a blog in a couple of weeks assuming I get it. The seller has already emailed me early this morning asking if I received it. The seller is an old hand at selling movie equipment ( the lens was designed for "printing" movies) but is very new to eBay. I suspect his concern is that under the new EBay rules a newbie seller doesn't get their hands on the money until positive feedback has been received.

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