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25 Jun 2015

Badge tags.

| Jglake

This post is just to get badges :P so will the next four...



Level 6

Well, that's nice


Level 6

I have to stop following you due to no new activity. Good Luck!


Level 7

Never knew there was a badge for the blog system. I write blog's and answer them not for point's or blog of the week. I write them to share information. I like to learn that's why I read them. I just found out by reading a blog someone won blog of the week. How many were read that week? I say if you think you know it all why bother writing blogs or reading them.


Level 5

plz doint do thhis rubbish


Level 5

free 35 pt to you and 5 pt as i write this, yet i get 10.


Level 6



Level 5

My advice is to only say someing in a blog or forum post when you have something to say. But you get no points for being quiet.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Please don't do this you are cluttering up the blog area with rubbish( ie: don't be an online litterer) the badge system has been disabled so you can't get any badges until its fixed.


Level 3



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