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24 Jun 2015

Joshua's Daily Blog

| Jglake

Joshua's Daily blog

Topic: Free coin contest

How to enter:

Step 1: Go to this link:http://www.coinweek.com/contest/~cd558b2b5964142

Step 2: enter your information and Get your referral code

Step 3: Tell every collector you know to use that link so you get extra entries!

This is joshua lake, and thanks for tuning in to my daily blog!



Level 7

Sorry Jake I don't and a lot won't go to outside sites because of security.


Level 5

I regularly enter these coin contests


Level 5

ended june 29 2015.


Level 6

Thanks for the info!


Level 3

http://www.coinweek.com/contest/~cd558b2b5964142 That is the link the other one would not work because the blog post made it be all caps use this one instead.


Level 3

No problem.

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