Jglake's Blog

25 Jun 2015

Joshua's Daily Blog Issue #3

| Jglake

Hey guys Joshua here!

Topic: new acquisitions

Comment any new things you have acquired.



Level 7

They stopped the bags programs years ago. They put it up so small you don't know what it's for and they don't tell you they tell your Friday. This is from 2015 seriously.


Level 7

Friends not Friday why am I bothering to write this it's just plain dunb


Level 6

Civil War Tokens!

Most of the time blogs are generally to share your information. This is a fun twist though. I always love new ideas!


Level 7

If you want to share info on this hobby take a look at one of my blog's. It might put you to sleep,but who knows!mike


Level 5



Level 5

blogs are for you to tell us to comment, see my blog for interesting acquirations.

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