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13 Feb 2015

What's causing the copper coins becoming so popular recently??

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I recently have seen copper coins become more popular to collecoters in the past couple months and was wondering what's causing this? My specs are from working front desk in a coin store, setting up a very busy stand at the long beach expo every show and running a online store selling and buying coins! Check out the website if interested the link to the ebay shop is on the home pagehttp://www.bohemiacollections.net



Level 5

am not sure.


Level 5

I don't exactly know.

me too.


Level 4

Well the new copper coins I have seen our cool. Like the Zombucks they have great detail.


Level 6

I enjoy looking through bank boxes too. People probably search for copper cents as well.


Level 6

I just like looking through bank boxes of Linclon Cents for varieties and anything else in there!


Level 4

Because for change of copper pennys. It not copper no more.

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