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17 Jan 2015

SICF 2015, NGC and PCGS

| JordaNumismatics

The Singapore International Coin Fair is coming, i'm just wondering if I could submit coins as NGC and PCGS as on the website, they say that they are "accepting submissions" Can anyone share their coin show submission process?



Level 5

I know nothing about it.


Level 7

Most big shows the third party graders will be there. Longstrider is right some will charge extra if you want it the same day. But contact the ANA they have an arrangement with NGC. Check it out.


Level 5

Sorry but I dont know anything about this.


Level 5

Pretty much as Longstrider commented.


Level 4

worth a shot


Dollar Guy

Level 5

I have only submitted once for a note that resided in my collection for more than 50 years - I purchased it as a pair of consecutive Hawaii notes - so I sent one through and it came back 64 EPQ/PPQ I would have go into the vault to get it out to check its exact pedigree letters. But back to the question it went to the graders and was back home in 17 days. It went to the cheapest submission rate. So no complaints.


Level 4

Thank you for the information!


Level 4

Check it out.


Level 6

You could check it out...see if there is any show specials going on.


Level 6

In my experience, one can submit coins at the shows if they, NGC, PCGS or ANACS, advertise they are accepting coins. That doesn't mean they will grade them at that time. Sometimes they will, for a extra price. Usually, the coins are then brought back to their home base and are graded and anything else you requested/paid for. They are then mailed back to you. This doesn't sound like a great deal but it saves a LOT of postage. Eveything is mailed regisered and insured for your stated value. It can really add up!


Level 4

No, But gave a try the only you are going to learn.

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