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10 Feb 2017

Foreign coin Chinese?

Coins-World | Jim

Here is a foreign coin I found this year. Any idea what it could be or the date? It seams to be copper with the green patina on it.
Didn't clean this one just used a little water to take off the dirt.



Level 5

Looks like many users provided great information. Nothing I can add.


Level 6

You really need the World Coin Book for research. There are so many possibilities, although I'm sure someone here can direct you in the right direction.

Good question! I have one of those too.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have a coin that looks like that


Level 6

Looks like a Chinese "cash coin." There are many copies tho.


Level 3

This one was found at a 1700's church in SE CT. About 7 inches in the ground. I'll have to get it checked out.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

The information I offer above contains something important. The part that says S-1405. This refers to the reference work you should seek out at the ANA library to learn more. S stands for Schjoth, the writer of the reference used for the identification of authentic specimens of this coin type. Look for that work as part of journey to discovery. Hope this was helpful.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Look up Boo Coin, or Manchu coin. It also might be a Vietnamese imitation or such a coin. The script on the left in the second photo says "boo", the script to the right is supposed to be the mint name. The ruler information is on the side with the most writing on it. Boo Coin. This information is from the Calgary Coin website, the mention of which is for educational purposes only. "S-1405, "BOO CIOWAN" (Board of Revenue mint). The Manchurian mint name translates to Pao-Ch'uan, or "The Fountain head of the Currency"."


Level 7

You have to purchase a research book. If we had to identify all the coins you found well you understand. Research is big in this hobby. You can go to the ANA library tell them what your looking for they will mail you a book. Of course when your done you have to send them back. Go to my site and get an idea of a blog maybe that will help. Everyone is going to start telling you by the book before the coin. There's a lot to that. Once in a while we can help you. But your talking world coins. A lot of people do collect world coins. But we need information and research to help. And we want to.


Level 6

Grab a World Coin book, sit down and starting looking through it. Someone here will know what it is. Good luck.

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