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10 Feb 2017

Numismatic diploma

Coins in the Classroom | Jim

Has anyone taken the mumismatic diploma test? 
I was thinking of taking it. I know it's a 2 yr coarse.
If u take it and pass can u legally grade coins?



Level 6

I would like to take it just for my own knowledge. Lots of great answers here! : )


Level 5

No. I have not taken the test. I can say that time research learning and more of the same until your confident in your abilities.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Under the VIDEO VIGNETTES section of the ANA's main home page is a video by Rod Gillis on coin grading that is worth watching. It won't make you "legal", but it will make you wiser.


Level 6

Years ago there were correspondence courses, basic & advanced. I took both. I think it's different now. I don't believe there is any way to become a grader by a course. There are courses at Summer Seminar but it takes lots of experience.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i plan to take a cource but i am not sure which yet and when i would like to


Level 6

Took the correspondence coarse. Finished that up with Summer Seminar. It's a good start. Only a start. Met some good people and made some contacts. Good luck..


Level 5

Hello Jrb1260. The ANA Numismatic Scholar/diploma program does NOT make anyone in anyway a "certified" coin grader; there is no such thing. However, the program does teach many skills when it comes to grading coins, but just as we all have different abilities with other aspects of life, the same can be said of coin grading - some people will find these courses more rewarding than others, and get more out of it than others. It probably doesn't hurt your chances with finding a job with a grading company, but don't take these courses thinking that it will definitely lead to a job with a grading company. I'm sure like many other businesses you'd have to fill out an application and/or submit a resumé - and it also usually helps to know the "right" people for getting hired at just about anywhere. Hope that helps. E-mail us at education@money.org if you have any further questions/concerns. Thank you, Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 7

I never took it. I believe it takes more than two years to grade coins and a lot of education. Someone asked the writer of the red book how do you become a good grader?. He said a good magnifying glass the right light and twenty five years experience. Ask someone in the ANA. Grading is very hard. A very tough business. Have a good one. Mike

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