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25 Jan 2019

1950 Wheat Penny

| jsheng

I just got this from a friend. I have not cased it yet, but will do so as soon as I can. This is my first wheat penny. If anyone can grade this just on the pictures, that'd be very helpful. Thanks for reading!



Level 6

That's pretty cool, but it's hard to tell the grade. Maybe Fine... Check out the Red Book for more information. Thanks for sharing it with us!

About VF-30. I collect wheat cents, and I think they're pretty easy to grade. Here are some tips: Full lines in upper wheat heads means F-15 or better. Separated cheek and jawbone on lincoln means VF-20 or better.


Level 4

Pic quality not the best but a shoot from the hip guesstimate using the description in the "Official Red Book grading guide, probably a fine. If your going to photo grade, you take the original coin and set it beside a good pic of a known graded coins and find the closest grade. That's not 100% either. NGC has a photograde link on their site. Get the closest grading you can, put it in a wheat cent folder, and start collecting wheat cents. ... Get numismatic books and read. Maybe my fellow numismatists that are a lot more versed that I am here can add more. I am no where near qualified to tell you what to do. Find a coin you can develop a strong interest in, one that grabs your attention , start collecting it, and have fun. For me its the Franklin Half Dollar.

The picture is pretty far away. I remember my first Wheat penny, 1937. You will get more. Ma sure you do not pay more than 5 cents a piece for them if that. Probably VF to XF range.


Level 3

Yeah sorry about that, if I tried to make it any closer it's get out of focus


Level 5

Always fun to get some wheat cents. They seem to be all over at my house. Hoarding issues for the last 25 years.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I would say Fine, maybe very fine, but the picture is fuzzy and too small for anything more than a wild guess.


Level 7

Lots of luck but can't do it from this distance.


Level 6

Wheat cents! Once in a while 1 turns up in change. Hard to grade from a pic.


Level 6

Good old Wheaties. Go to NGC and checkout their photo grade. You can grade it. good luck.


Level 6

Really can not get a good look at it from the photos, my guess is "fine" condition.

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