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05 Feb 2019

Inaugural Innovation Dollar

| jsheng

Hello! I was reading through the Februrary Edition of the Numismatist when I saw this. I was interested in this, does anyone have any recommendations and/or tips on getting on of these? Thanks!



Level 4

I know it's stating the obvious, but I believe this one will blow the Apollo 11 50th coin away as far as sales. I am going to wait a bit before adding this one to my collection. Thanks for the advice, Mockiechan. Blessings all!

I'm still waiting for the new 2019 Sacagawea proof dollar versions myself. But while we're talking about the Innovation series, does anyone have any idea what the next dollar coin will look like, or who it will honor?


Level 6

These are for sale all over the place. I bought mine from the Mint. It's actually really nice looking coin! ; )


Level 6

It is a personal choice. A lot of good comments, bottom line, it is your choice.


Level 4

Patience will bring you out ahead here. I like Mokiechan's approach.


Level 6

Try the U.S. Mint. That's where I got my proof. Cheap. Wait a bit if you want a graded one. I would go to someplace like Modern Coin Mart. I try to stay away from eBay. Personal choice from an old seller there. Good luck. Read the blog, here, from a week or two ago about the eagle on the reverse. Very interesting.


Level 6

If you wait a bit, I believe the prices will go down. I can't see much demand for these. IMHO


Level 5

still on the fence on whether I should do this set. Waiting for a dansco, and then I will probably go for it.


Level 7

Mokechan is right again. The price will drop like a rock. It appears people are only buying there state. I'm not going for fifty of these. It's just another long term payment. I will also buy my state I don't need any more. At my age I will be long gone by the time these were over a long period of time end.

The US mint is still selling these in rolls and you can get singles on Ebay for a premium.

It's Mokie

Level 6

They are now available on Ebay in either slabbed or unslabbed variety. They are also starting to drop in price a bit so with patience, a proof slabbed at PF69 should be available for under $20.00 very soon. I have also seen sellers offering the two uncirculated dollars along with the proof dollar (all unslabbed) for less than $20.00 on Ebay.


Level 3

But is it worth the risk of buying for Ebay? It's not exactly the most reputable site

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