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22 Jul 2020

2 cent piece acquired!

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I went to my regular coin shop yesterday, and picked up a 2 cent piece. I wanted to get one because I've always liked coins that nobody really knows about, like 3 cent pieces, half cents, and 20 cent pieces. I got it for $10, there was a cheaper one, but it was in AG condition. I also got monument quarter books for my great grandma, she has a bag of quarters that she wanted me to sort, and she gave me some money to buy coin albums to put them in. Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently, I've kinda hit a collecting hiatus, but going to the shop helped a little bit!


It's Mokie

Level 6

Love the two cent piece, it has civil war era written all over its design and I was so happy when our Lincoln cent also adopted the civil war theme as it seems almost overdue considering the breadth of President Lincoln's term included the civil war.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Just about all the odd denominations are within reach, except for that daggone Stella $4,00 coin. Like the Flying Eagle 1886, I'll never have it in my collection.

odd denomination coins are great.... enjoy your numismatic commission of sorts!


Level 6

I also enjoy "odd" denominations of coin. My first big buy was a $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle. Thanks, sounds like you got a good deal.


Level 4

I love two-cents! Though I don’t collect them, I think the design is immaculate. The history behind two-cents is so interesting; I had to buy one a while back to show off to my friends.


Level 7

Two cent pieces are well known. Finding one with the WE on it the reverse is hard. It's very high and wears off. Great coin to own.! Good luck with it.


Level 4

I was looking at it and it doesn't have the WE on it. My grandparents asked about it and I told them that it was the first coin to have the, "IN GOD WE TRUST" motto on the coin.


Level 5

Don't have any 2 cent pieces myself, but I should look around for one myself. Going through the quarters to fill albums is great fun.

A nice find if it's not a problem coin. Have fun going through those quarters!

Rock Hound

Level 4

That is a good deal

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