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01 Jul 2020

2006 DDO cent found!

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So I had went through almost all of my pile of coins with possible errors in them, I left a few coins to search through in the morning. I went to bed, and had a dream that I found a 2006 DDO cent, which is weird, because I don't usually have dreams, and if I do, they aren't about coins! I woke up, and decided to check my 2006s, just for the sake of the dream. Lo and behold, I found notching on some of the letters in LIBERTY! I got my USB microscope, and sure enough, the L, B, T, and Y all showed notching! This was such a weird and funny story, so I thought I would share it with you all.

After further examination, I have concluded that this variety is a DDO - 01



Level 4

Cool nice find.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is a real DDO, but rather some machine doubling or die deterioration. A true double die exhibits an additional impression rather than some extra "shelves" of letters. These show much more extreme doubling than coins from machine doubling or die deterioration. Machine doubled coins are not struck with a doubled die, but with a regular die that scrapes or slides through the planchet rather than pressing firmly in one go. This creates a coin that resembles a coin struck with a doubled die, but is much less severe and what I believe has happened with this coin. I believe modern dies are replaced before too much deterioration happens, and 2006 should have been a year with new-newer dies in use, in any case, if a die is worn to deteriorating, features become much less defined, and letters, especially those of the L, T, and I, show some "doubling" If you really want to be sure, I would bring it to a dealer who specializes in errors and varieties to verify.


Level 4

It is definitely not machine doubling. Machine doubling shows "shelves" as you said. The doubling on my coin might look like shelves to some people, but they aren't. The shelves on machine doubled coins are almost flat against the coin, and this coin does not exhibit that. This coin has a type of doubling called notching on the letters. It is most prominent on the T and the Y. Look on the right side of both of those letters, you will see notching on the letters. If you want to compare, go to this link, which contains the variety vista listing of the doubled die that I have identified this coin as - http://www.varietyvista.com/01c%20LC%20Doubled%20Dies%20Vol%203/2006PDDO001%20cent.htm I also included a better picture for your reference.


Level 6

Nice dream. I'm like Mike, my eyes are to bad to see it in your photo but I'm sure it's there. Nice photo by the way. Well done. I have a few suggestions you can dream about. hahaha.. Thanks.


Level 5

Nice dream. Time travel maybe. I definitely need to check my change more often. And buy a microscope of some kind.


Level 6

There you go, another bit of proof that patience will still uncover those hidden numismatic treasures in our midst. Great Job J/A!!!


Level 7

My eyes are bad. I don't see it in the picture. Doesn't mean it's not there. Keep dreaming!!


Level 3

Wow great find and crazy story do you have any idea how much it is worth?


Level 4

Not much, at tops, maybe $10. Still an exciting find!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow! A verified prophetic dream. Good you, what a great find! Thanks for sharing the story....

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