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18 Sep 2019

2009 First Day of Issue

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I just recieved my item I purchased from eBay. It contained 2 coins. A 2009 Birth and Early Childhood reverse First Day of Issue graded ANACS MS(67) and a 2009 DBirth and Early Childhood reverse First Day of Issue graded ANACS MS(67). As most of you know I collect Lincoln Bicentennials, and I ordered this for my collection. Just thought I would let you know. Satisfied with it. Question - What is your favorite grading service? (I love ANACS orange holders!)


It's Mokie

Level 6

I like your Lincoln BiCentennial Coins, I just bought a set of them in proof in their mint packaging, looking forward to receiving them. I have always liked the sturdiness of NGC holders but lately, I have kind of been favoring ANACS holders, I like their style, the way you can read the coin description looking down at them, and their color too. I am going to take three coins to the ANACS table at the Fall PAN show.


Level 4

I also like the openness of the ANACS and PCGS holders. I feel like NGC's holders some of them you can't see the edge.


Level 6

If you are asking what holder company I use when submitting, I would say NGC because it's a perk for us or ANACS as they do varieties that NGC does not. Like certain VAMs. I don't give it much thought when buying a graded item. Nice pick up. Great photo.. Thanks.


Level 7

I was told that it's what's in the holder that counts. You don't need collectors saying what a beautiful label. They should be looking at The xoin. Nice pick up. Pat

NGC is stringent (maybe sometimes too stringent) and I like the appearance of the holders. But I agree with Sun that's it what's really in the holder. I still say Bicentennial Lincoln's are under-rated, by the way. I have mentioned them to non-collectors who have never seen one , yet they know about the Lewis & Clark Jeffersons.


Level 6

You are collecting what you like. I believe you will enjoy the hobby longer by doing that. I never give it much thought on what holder I like.

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