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08 Nov 2019

Book Review - An Introduction to 2009 Lincoln Cent Errors, By James Porter

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An Introduction to 2009 Lincoln Cent Errors, By James Porter, is officially my new favorite book on coins. It covers everything about the 2009 doubled die errors, from reverse to obverse, Birth and Early Childhood to Presidency. The book starts off with an introduction, and then continues to explain a little bit about what makes a doubled die, and why this is a good (In my opinionGREAT) series to collect. It then takes off, with the largest, and my favorite chapter, about all of the Formative Years doubled die reverses. Then it goes onto the Early Childhood and the Professional Life and Presidencyreverses. It then describes the characteristics of some doubled die reverses, which was very helpful. He then provides his records of purchased 2009 coin rolls, and what errors he found in them. If you have any interest at all in 2009 coin errors and varieties, then you should buy this book. It is good for the advanced collector and the beginningcollector!



Level 6

Great review! Full of of kinds of good information! Thanks! ; )

Thanks for the well written review. It sounds like a really interesting book for the general coin collector and a real must for the Lincoln specialist. Although it is not in any of my areas of interest, you have made me consider that I might just buy the book for its coverage of a recent and available coin series.

The MoKe

Level 6

Sounds like a geat book and a fine way to identify those recent treasures in all our pockets. Thanks for sharing yourexcellent review.


Level 6

This book seems to have been written just for you. It covers your specialty exactly I believe. Good job and a great find. Thanks.

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