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28 Jul 2020

Coins in your Pocket - Cent Errors and Varieties 2

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This is part 2 of the errors and varieties on cents that I search for. I am also looking into buying a safe for my coins, so if any of you have suggestions or recommendations, feel free to share them with me!

1959 D RPM - Pretty much the same as the 1960 D RPM, but less obvious and less known.

1960 D RPM - This is definitely a well known RPM in the variety community, and is fairly common RPM as well. There are many of different varieties of them, but RPM 1 is very easy to spot, with little or no magnification needed.

1961 D "D over horizontal D" - Probably less known than the former, but just as dramatic, and rarer. This coin, as the name implies, has a RPM in the form of a normal D, and then a D placed horizontally on that D.

1994 DDR Doubled Pillar - This variety is not very well known in my experience, I only learned it from the cherry pickers guide, which is an essential book to at least read over if you are attempting to collect varieties of any kind. The doubling on this variety occurs on the pillars on the far right of the memorial. They appear to have a thin extra pillar in between them. Some people get confused when looking for this variety, because on the right side of some pillars, there appears to be slight doubling, but that is not the case. The design is actually meant to be like that, so don't get confused. The real variety will have a pillar in the middle of two pillars, not on the side of one.

2014, 2015 and 2019 DDO cents - These doubled dies are not very well known. They appear on the obverses of the 2014,2015 and 2019 Philadelphia cents. The doubling is not as prolific as the 1955 and 1972 cents, but still noticeable doubling.

1984 Doubled Ear cent - This cent shows heavy doubling on lincoln's ear. It is one of the rarest of the doubled ear cents, and probably the most sought after, considering it is listed in The Red Book.

1960 small date - In 1960, the mint found that the 0 in the cent was too small, and that it might lead to some production difficulties. The mint made the 0 larger, and the public caught on. $50 bags were selling for as much as $12,000. The denver coins were made in much larger quantities and were much more common. The value dropped significantly as it was proved that they were much more common than excepted. 1960 small date cents will sell for upwards of a dollar now.

Hope you enjoyed! Next blog like this will be on non cent varieties!


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Big Nub mentioned fireproof safes. There is a caveat to having one, you need to be aware of, or your collection could be ruined. You need to keep a powerful desiccant in them, because the fireproofing makes the safe sweat. The sweat will in damage your coins and any papers you may have in your safe as well.


Level 6

You have good taste in errors. For a safe, try Tractor Supply. They have amazing prices on gun safes. Yes, fire resistant is a must. And heavy. Good luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I still remember the excitement of getting my first f1960 small date cent in the 60's.. the golden age of collecting. (:


Level 7

I would by the cherry pickers guide and look for the cents that pay the most. Especially in good condition. RPM don't pay much any more.. But the book before the coin!!!

If you want a safe for your coins, look at garage sales. A new one is going to be really expensive. For coin, I recommend it be fire resistant up to 1500 degrees, and around 500 lbs so that no-one can run off with it. A safe isn't useful if you can just hold it. I got a nice on for $50 at a garage sale, 1700 degree resistant, and 560 lbs. Took three of us to barely haul it up the stairs. AS for the DDOs, I thought the mint couldn't create true double dies after '82 due to a new technology.


Level 4

They couldn't create a certain class of them after '95 because they started using the, "single squeeze method" which basically meant that the dies would only be struck once instead of twice. Basically it would open up a new class of doubled dies, although I'm not sure what the class is specifically called.


Level 6

Nice info

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks, you've helped to know what to look out for!


Level 5

Sams Club has some nice safes that are not very expensive. Not sure about the other places. You could purchase a gun safe and use it for coins and whatever else you want locked up. Nice blog.


Level 4

Good blog post! This has some really handy descriptions on the varieties, and I was unaware of the DDOs from the 2010's! Thanks for making it! :)

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