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12 Oct 2019

Hunting coins

Coins | JudeA

My Grandma and Grandpa have a coin jar that they throw their lose change in. When I go over to their house, I like to hunt through it. Today I got a pretty good haul, as well as a first for me. Here are the finds.

Proof - I was the shiny reflectiveness, pulled it out, sure enough, it was a 2009 S proof dime. The first proof I have ever found in circulation!

Wheat cents - 2, I usually don't find a lot of wheat cents in their jar, but today I found 2 of them almost right next to each other!

Westward journey nickels - 3, I pull these out, I found 2 of the peace medal designs, and 1 of the ocean in view designs.

Bicentennial quarter - 3, I almost have a full roll of these that I have pulled from circulation. I really like the design on them, and will continue to keep them!

Unfortunately no Lincoln Bicentennials, but maybe next time! I am also really excited about that proof dime!


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great haul!


Level 5

congrats on the proof!

What a haul. I can't ever remember finding a Lincoln Bicentennial in circulation. Good luck.


Level 6

That was a good day for your collection.


Level 6

I agree with Mokie. I bet that proof is from Coin Week. Nice find. You have great Grandparents.. Keep hunting..

It's Mokie

Level 6

NICE J/A!!! Getting that dime is especially cool as it had to have been pulled from a set. My Guess, during Coin Week this year, some dealer put it into circulation but that is pure speculation on my part. I have to get some quarter rolls soon so I can give my daughter change each day for school, hoping to find some bicentennial quarters too, it is a great design, by far the best of the 3 bicentennial designs.


Level 7

That's good hunting. Some pictures!! We want to see coins! Keep on hunting.


Level 4

great finds! my grandparents just have random change around their house and I have found some pretty cool things including a $1 star note!

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