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09 Oct 2019

New 2009 DDR's

Coins | JudeA

I just received some coins I purchased from eBay. I won them off an auction for $7.39. They were 4 DDR 2009 coins. 3 LP1 coins. And 1 LP2. Also one of the LP1 coins was a, "Best of Variety." They are all minor, not listed in the cherrypickers guide. Overall I am satisfied to have some more 2009 varieties to add to my collection.



Level 7

Should be Lincoln Cent. Not penny. Penny is the Brutish term.


Level 6

I give up. What does the LP whatever designate?? Thanks..


Level 4

LP designated the reverse design on the 2009 cents. LP1 is Lincoln penny 1(sorry guys, not my ida!) LP2 is Lincoln penny 2, and etc.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Variety collecting is a great way to extend your Lincoln Memorial, or any set for that matter, in a fun way. Thanks for sharing your latest additions.

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