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31 Jan 2020

New Error Found? Extra Claw Alaska Quarter

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I was through my Alaska state quarters today, checking to see if I could find a variety that I had just heard about. The variety is located on the left claw of the bear (your right side), and is in the appearance of an extra chunk of metal in the claw. I have found what I think is the error. The photo is my first taken with my new USB plugable microscope, I have to say that it does work better on larger coins like the quarter. Let me know what you think on this quarter.


Great photo it shows the error very clearly!


Level 5

Very nice, I hope to add the Wisconsin varieties to my collection one of these days. BTW, nice photo.


Level 6

Great photo.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Looks like a chipped die, I can't imagine they would be any more than a minor curiosity. I don't think they are going to be like the high or low leaf Wisconsin varieties, those two leaves were actually in the die before the first coin was stuck. But having said all that, your microscope works great and you definitely have the "extra" claw variety.


Level 6

You like you have one to me. Nice pictures. It seems you have that scope down. Try to find another picture on the web to double check. Maybe Cherry Pickers Guide.


Level 7

I said you had sharp eyes you only prove it more and more everyday. Good.for you. Nice pick up. Mike


Level 5

Your microscope works great. Nice find if that is the variety you refer to. Its amazing what you can find in change if you just take the time and look. Thanks for sharing.

looks like the letters "C" "L" and "V"


Level 4

That is the designers initials, look at the claw it has a piece of metal in it.

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