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09 Aug 2020

New Items

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I recently got my YN auction item in the mail! I think I bided $YN 170 on it. It is a sample slab from the YN program of June 2019. I think they were given out as prizes for YN's who completed the Treasure Trivia challenge. The coin in the slab is a American Memorial Park quarter dated 2019. It doesn't have a grade, but its definitely uncirculated. I also recieved my literary plaque from CONECA a few days ago. I got it for writing an article for their magazine!


Doug S.

Level 4

Congratulations!! Thats awesome

Congrats! CONECA is a great organization. I was lucky enough to receive one of the sample slabs back at Summer Seminar last year.


Level 6

Well done.


Level 5

Very nice auction piece. I really like the coins in special holders. They make great collectibles. Good work, and nice momentos to hold onto and show your kids some day.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow ! Very impressive, you have accomplished a lot! Very admirable!


Level 7

Congratulations someone has to do this. Don't stop. Keep up the good work. Another Hemingway!!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Congrats J/A, Longstrider and You are our CONECA superstars. Love that slab as well. We are going to be giving away 100 2020 ANA WFM sample slabs at our October 29-31 PAN Show. Really stoked about that.


Level 6

You are as well Mokie. Award winner!!


Level 5

Outstanding! Good job on the CONECA article! What a great win for you in the YN auction! You will have this coin in this very special holder for the rest of your life. It will always remind you of the fond memories of this special season in your lifelong numismatic journey.

Congrats, CONECA gives out some great prizes! It's not from teaser trivia challenge. Everyone who bought an item at the summer seminar YN fundraising auction got it. Everyone got a P or a D. There were half as many D ones, so everyone was vying for those instead of philadelphia ones. I was lucky enough to come out with both ;)

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