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29 Aug 2019

Roll searching - Part 2

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I went to my bank and got a $25 box of cents (I know how you all like to use cents instead of pennies). It is the box with holes in it so I look through it and I see a wheat cent ender with great luser! Got home and opened the box and kept back that roll, another wheat ender, and a lincoln bicentennial ender back till the end.
Here's the final count on what i found.
Wheat Cents - 8 Oldest was a 1939 also found a 1955 d with great luser! 2 enders!
Lincoln Bicentennial - 14 Most of them (8) were the formative years reverse, but I got all of the reverses! 1 ender!
Canadian Coins - 3 Oldest was a 1969, I also got a 125th anniversary canadian cent!
Dimes - 3 For some reason this box had 3 dimes in it, no key dates or proofs.
Copper cents Almost a full jar of copper cents, and a pile of 1982's to weigh!
Very fun box! Nothing of value but still exciting, no doubling on the Lincoln Bicentennial either, but i'll keep searching!


great finds! actually, our current coins in the US are cents, penny is a nickname given to them. However, interestingly enough, in other countries, such as the UK, they had/have coins that are 'pennies', as opposed to cents. the nickel too is another nickname, in reality, the coin is technically a five cent. Rather interesting, as for the majority part, we refer to the rest of our coins by their technically correct terms. perhaps it has to do with how interesting we find the name? Anyhow, great blog, thanks. Happy roll-hunting!


Level 6

Great finds! I love to roll search...pass time on a winters night... haha Good luck in your searching. ; )


Level 6

Roll searching makes a nice past time.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great blog, I always like to live vicariously through someone else's roll search since I lack the patience. I have noticed, that checking my change, the 2009 Lincolns seem to have disappeared from circulation, you had a pretty nice haul and getting all 4 is excellent. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


Level 7

Nice catch. Now if you have a loop you should buy one and give the coins a good once over. You never know what you will find. Lots of luck. Keep it up.. My wife brought home a 1931S in change from the supermarket. I would love a part time job there. Keep it going.


Level 4

Loop is #1 on my shopping list and LOL amazing find by your wife!

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