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21 Sep 2019

Roll searching - Part 4

Coins | JudeA

I got another roll from my bank today. It was circulated and I had a pretty good haul. I noticed a lack of wheat cents however. Here are the finds

.Wheat Cents - 5, I got 3 of them in the last 15 rolls.

Lincoln Bicentennials - 14! The most I have ever gotten, I only kept 8 though.

Copper - Finally filled up a jar with copper, I might fill up one more, but it is kinda costly to keep all that copper.

No Canadians, errors or varieties. Not the best hunt, but I got a lot of my favorite coins!



Level 6

You never know what your gonna find. Some are good boxes...some better... Just as long as you have fun! ; )


Level 6

Good box.. Glad you got some favorites.. I love roll hunting. I git behind this HOT summer and have a few boxes to go through.. Thanks for the report..Good luck!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thanks for the report. Did you get an example of all 4 bicentennial cents?


Level 4

I did! Also all the mintmark combinations except for the P mint mark of the Log Cabin and the capital reverses'.


Level 6

Roll searching is a good past time.

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