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01 Aug 2020

Book review - Coin Collecting for Dummies

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Coin Collecting for Dummies was written by Neil Berman and Ron Guth. It is probably meant as a reference to newer collectors, but it has some useful tips that I still remember and follow. I first read this book about 2 years ago, when I first started collecting. I checked it out again for some new reading material. It has 26 chapters, each about things from Understanding Numismatics to Coin Investments, Taxes, and the Law. The book starts out basic, with advice such as never clean your coins! Buy the book before the coin! They cover stuff like how to store your collection, how to carefully handle coins. I think this was from this book, but I remember a book saying, “Make sure to cover your nose/mouth when you sneeze, because sneezing on a coin does as much damage as gouging it with a knife! I don’t know anyone who would want to gouge a coin with a knife, so heed the advice of covering your mouth around coins! The book covers coins from ancient coins to commemorative coins, and has a chapter about “Oddball coins” as they call them. They have a chapter about counterfeit coins as well, and that section was where I first learned about artificially toning coins. The book also has a story that I still remember. One of the author's friends showed him a well struck, full details buffalo nickel, and asked him if he thought it was a proof or a circulation strike coin. He flipped the coin over and it slipped from his fingers and fell around 5 feet onto the stone hotel floor. The coin was suddenly a proof in his friend's eyes, and he was shamed into buying the coin for a lot more than it was worth with the dent in it! Moral of the story? Always be careful with coins! Keep them under a soft surface so if you accidentally drop them, no harm will befall them! In all, I enjoyed this book, and it definitely has advice to offer all collectors!

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