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31 Jan 2018

**1943 Winged Liberty Toned**

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I've been browsing some of my favorite auction sites and found this 1943 Mercury Dime, also called "Winged Liberty Head" with some really great toning!      ( Which is one of my weaknesses...love those tones!)  It's graded by PCGS and is an MS65.  The designer is Adolph A. Weinman.  It has a weight of 2.50 grams, a composition of .900 silver and .100 copper, a diameter of 17.9 mm, a reeded edge and mints out of Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.  The wings on Liberty's cap are meant to symbolize "Liberty of Thought"....Something all Americans should embrace.    I hope you enjoyed my blog!  Any comments are always welcome.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i love toned coins and that is a beautiful piece

Yesterday I was reading the book "Illegal Tender" which is about the 1933 Double Eagles. Apparently when Teddy Roosevelt first approached St. Gaudens for coinage designs, St Gaudens was too old and suggested Roosevelt see Adolf Weinman's work because it was so impressive.


Level 6

Beautiful coin Kepi. I didn't know about her cap. Love the toning too. Thanks!


Level 6

That is a beautiful coin. Toned Mercury dimes look like little gems! I'd love to see more!


Level 7

You do have a great eye for those toned coins. And great grades great pickup enjoy it. Mike


Level 5

Good eye Kepi. Mercury Dimes were one of my early passions. I appreciated how affordable most of the series is in circulated grades.


Level 4

Excellent! I find Mercury Dimes very appealing. I like that "Liberty of Thought" the meaning of the wings on Liberty's Cap. I love Mercury Dimes. Thanks!


Level 6

Once I saw the photo, I knew it was going to be a blog from you. You have a great passion tor toned coins.


Level 6

Thanks SUN! I appreciate your comment! : )

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